Journal of Imaging science

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Eugene Stephane Mananga

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About Journal

Journal of Imaging science(JIS) is internationally open access peer reviewed journal which combines aspects of physics, maths, computer science, and engineering.imaging Science employs a systems engineering approach to imaging by studying in detail a conceptual model referred to as the Imaging Chain, which describes all factors to be considered when designing a new imaging system.Journal of Imaging Science covers exclusively both fundamental and applied scientific aspects of imaging.The content of the journal includes Image formation, Image processing, Image analysis, Image interpretation and understanding, computer graphics and visualization, and Inverse problems in imaging; Leading to applications to diverse areas in science, Medicine, Engineering, and other fields. Formal approaches, at the level of mathematics and/or computations, as well as state-of-the-art practical results, are expected from manuscripts published in JIS.Imaging Sciences has specialty of making visual representations of the inside of a body for clinical examination and therapeutic mediation.It looks to uncover interior structures stowed away by the skin and bones, and to diagnose and treat infection.

JIS publishes Research Articles, Review Articles, Case Reports,Short Communications,Letters to the editor, Mini Reviews, Books and Clinical studies which provides a broad authoritative source for fundamental results in Imaging sciences, The recording and visualisation of information recorded from radiation of any kind, emitted from, reflected by, or otherwise affected by an object. JIS is mathematically and computationally based, and offers a unique forum to highlight the commonality of methodology, Models, and Algorithms among diverse application areas of imaging science.

Aim & Scope

Journal of Imaging Science includes most areas of activity concerned with analogue chemical, electronic, digital and hybrid imaging systems. The recording media include photochemical, electronic and any other media for recording, manipulation, display or transfer of images and includes moving, or time-based imaging, as well as still imaging.The manuscripts submitted in this Journal follows the ICMJE guidelines (CONSORT) for conducting and reporting of clinical trials and all the case studies or clinical trial reports follows guidelines for statistical analysis and reporting of trial results (SAMPL) ,All scientific manuscripts are peer-reviewed by expert reviewers and the most eminent editors in our editorial board member.



Image Processing
radiography image quality
imaging mass spectrometry
magnetic resonance imaging
Image Quality Assessment
Image Acquisition
Image Processing
Psychometric Scaling Methods
Vision and Imaging
Detectors and Sensors
Digitisation and Storage Displays
Forensic Imaging
Machine Vision
Media Life Expectancy
Medical Imaging
Metrology and Metrics
Multispectral Imaging
Consumer Imaging


Image Processing, Image Quality, Image Security, Input/Output Devices, Instrumentation, Image Acquisition, Imaging: mechanisms,modelling and properties, Psychometric Scaling Methods, Vision and Imaging, Detectors and Sensors, Digitisation and Storage Displays, Forensic Imaging, Machine Vision, Media Life Expectancy, Medical Imaging, Metrology and Metrics, Multispectral Imaging, Consumer Imaging