Open Access Journals

Open access

Open access provides unrestricted access to online peer-reviewed scholarly research articles throughout the globe by researchers with the invention of the internet. This method of publishing creates new benefits when compared to paper-based publishing and removed the barriers in knowledge sharing that existed in traditional publishing models. Open access not only aims for scholarly journal articles but also provides a platform for the increasing volumes of the thesis, book topics and scholarly monographs. Open Access can be defined as an instrument ultimately used for public welfare to stimulate the growth of global science, as well as maintaining the quality of scientific achievements at the same time.
Open Access benefits in the reach of research beyond its immediate academic circle. An open access article can be read by anyone it could be a professional, researcher, a journalist, a politician or a civil servant or an interested ignorant person. Promotion of Open Access is very crucial to constantly improve in the areas of innovation, socioeconomic development, and flow of knowledge around the world. As such, Open Access can be defined as an instrument ultimately used for public welfare to stimulate the growth of global science. A study revealed that the articles which are freely available are roughly used twice by the health professionals since they are freely available.
Access the internet brings together people from all over the world for the purpose of knowledge sharing, be it an underdeveloped country in Africa, a developing country like India or developed countries such as USA or UK, through the medium of internet along with the efforts of Open access provides individuals, institutions, etc. to have immediate access to latest research findings.
Going a step further and making the movement of open access more accessible Ommega online is determined to work on the principles of open access and provide free and unrestricted access to research articles to the world for advancement in areas of Science, Technology and Management (STM).

Peer Review System

Peer review is an assessment of work by one or a group of people in the similar field, expertise, and competence. It's a process of scrutinizing of the activity by the relevant field and profession in which the activity occurs. Peer review methods are adopted to maintain, increase and sustain quality, performance, and credibility of the publication. This process encourages authors to meet the accepted standards of discipline. This process of reviewing system helps in reducing unwarranted claims, interpretations, spreading of irrelevant findings and views.
Peer review can be categorized in many fields some of them are clinical peer review, physician peer review, nursing peer review, dentistry peer review, software peer review, technical peer review, medical peer review etc.Publications that have not undergone peer review are likely to be regarded with suspicion by academic scholars and professionals.