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Hotmail or was the first emailing service introduced back in 1996. The name HoTMaiL derived from HTML as it was the first web-based email service and hence it gained a lot of popularity. Later, it was purchased by Microsoft and it was renamed to MSN Live Hotmail and then in 2013, Microsoft officially rebranded Hotmail to If you were a user of Hotmail, you can still access your account via

In this article, we'll talk more about Hotmail account. How to setup an account for Hotmail in 2023, how to sign in to Hotmail account on multiple devices, troubleshoot common issues and more FAQ's about Hotmail.

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The service Hotmail was launched on the Independence day of the United States of America (4 July 1996). It was the first ever web-based email service ever introduced so it gained a lot of attention and thousands of people started using it for their personal and professional work. It was the only way of electronic communication back then and was the only major emailing service of the time. Later, there were a lot of more emailing services introduced such as Yahoo Mail & Gmail.

Microsoft purchased Hotmail in 1997 and merged it with MSN groups of services. After the launch of Yahoo Mail & Gmail, the only competitor of Hotmail back then, the trend of Hotmail starts going down as it was really basic and had less options as compared to Gmail & Yahoo Mail. Later in 2012, Hotmail was completely rebranded and relaunched as with new updates and amazing features. All the old accounts of Hotmail are still accessible via

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Setup a new Hotmail Account:

In order to use services by Microsoft, you need to create an Hotmail email account first. Firstly, for your information Hotmail has been rebranded to So if you want to create a new hotmail account you can get a new email with prefix but you have to register it on the official Outlook website. If you're creating an account for the first time, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Go to or click here.
  2. First step to create a username which will be your Hotmail email address. You can choose between, or for your email prefix. After choosing your username with the email prefix click on "Next".
  3. Next step is to create a password for your account, create a strong and secure password.
  4. Now it's time to enter your First & Last name for the account and click "Next".
  5. Choose your country and enter your date of birth and then solve the puzzle to verify that you're not a robot.
  6. And done! You have now created an account and now you can use it on any device.

How to Login to Hotmail?

Accessing your account on any device is known as the process of Hotmail login. After hotmail sign in, you can access all services that are provided by Microsoft. Below are the different methods about how you can login to your hotmail account on different devices.

How to login to Hotmail on desktop?

To use Hotmail on your desktop, you can use it via Hotmail app for desktop or by using a web browser. Follow the steps below to learn how to sign in to hotmail on a desktop using a web browser.

  1. Open your web browser, and go to or click here.
  2. Enter your username (Hotmail email address) with the prefix in this field and click on "Next".
  3. Enter the password for your account, and click on "Sign in".
  4. If you want to stay logged in, please tick the options that says "Keep me signed in".
  5. And that's it! You are now logged in to Hotmail on your desktop web browser. You can now use other services by Microsoft as well in the same web browser where you've logged in.

How to sign in to Hotmail on Android devices?

You can whether use default accounts option in the android settings to sign in hotmail or you can do it directly using the official Outlook application. Follow the steps below to sign in to hotmail on android device.

  1. Download and install latest Microsoft Outlook app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the application, and it will ask you for your account credentials.
  3. Enter email address in the first and the password for your account in the second field, and then click on "Sign in".
  4. You are now logged in to Hotmail on your android device and now you can use send and receive emails from the Outlook application.

How to sign in to Hotmail on iOS devices?

Signing to hotmail on an iOS device is really simple and is similar like android device. You can follow the steps below to know how you can login to hotmail and use it on iOS devices.

  1. Download and install the official Microsoft Outlook application from the App Store.
  2. Open the application, and enter your hotmail login email and password then click on "Sign in".
  3. That's it. You can now use Hotmail email service on your iOS device.

Hotmail login via Windows Email Client:

  1. Download and install any email client for desktop such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Mailbat, Zimbra desktop etc.
  2. Once the installation is complete, open it and setup Hotmail POP settings with in the client.
  3. Sign in to Hotmail, using your email address and password in the client.
  4. You are logged in to Hotmail and you can now use it via windows email client.


Is Hotmail & Outlook the same?

Yes, in 2012 Microsoft rebranded Hotmail and relaunched it as All old users of Hotmail can still use this service via

Why am I not logging in to Hotmail using Outlook Application?

There could be some issues why you're not be able to login to hotmail using the application.

  1. Using older version of the app: Make sure that you're using the latest version of Microsoft Outlook application on your device.
  2. Not connected to the internet: Hotmail is an online emailing service that needs an active and working internet connection. Make sure that you're connected to the internet.
  3. Wrong email address: Make sure that you're entering the correct email address, also double check the email prefix i.e:, or
  4. Wrong password: Make sure that you're entering the correct password for your account. Also, check if your keyboard's CapsLock is turned off.

Can I use my Hotmail login to access other Microsoft services?

Yes, by signing in to Hotmail you get access to use other services by Microsoft such as: Skype, OneDrive, Office 365, Outlook and more.

What should I do if I forgot my Hotmail login credentials?

You can reset your account password if you don't remember it. Please follow this easy guide to learn how to reset your hotmail account password.

Is it safe to log in to Hotmail from public computers?

We do not recommend you to sign in to your Hotmail account on a public computer as it can be infected with viruses or malware. Still if you need to use it on a public computer, we recommend use Incognito mode while using Hotmail email service and must log out of your account once you're done using it.

Where can I find Hotmail login page?

The new hotmail sign in page is: Hotmail was completely rebranded to so now you can use it via only.

What is the maximum number of devices that I can sign in to my Hotmail account from?

There is no count, it's your account and you can use it on as many devices as you want.

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