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Mathematical Analysis carried out on the Study of Compatibility De-lamination and Load-bearing Capacity of Synthetic Diamond Coatings Deposited on Tungsten Carbide Composites,-De-lamination-and-Load-bearing-Capacity-of-Synthetic-Diamond-Coatings-Deposited-on-Tungsten-Carbide-Composites/2468Kaleem Ahmad NajarCardiovascular Disease among Female Veterans of the 1991 Gulf War Era S. Coughlin Forensic Medical Report is Very Important Part of Every Suspicious Death Case FranjicEvaluation of Stress Biomarkers after Oral Administration of the Consciousness Energy Healing Treated Novel Herbomineral Formulation in Male Sprague Dawley Rats JanaDiagnostic Significance of CEA and CA 19-9 for the Early Diagnosis of Cancer HAQUECorrelation of Pre-Operative Co-Morbidity Indices with Peri-Operative and Post-Operative Metrics in Urological Patients Undergoing Major Open Procedures SarriA Rare Cause of Facial Edema and Pain Temporalis Muscle Hypertrophy Eduardo de Almeida FranzTranslation and validation of the Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire for the Spanish speaking population residing in the United States PalakunnelIrritable bowel syndrome mimicking diverticulitis BattiBurn Pits Exposure and Chronic Respiratory Illnesses among Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans S. CoughlinAssociation of Laryngopharyngeal Reflux and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease LinInternal dental root resorption a case report and literature review IleaThe Use of Biomaterials and Tissue Plasticity for Regeneration of Bone Defect Abdul Moein Al FotawiThe impact of 20alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase on reprogramming mouse cells into induced pluripotent stem cells OfirThe Post-Lyme Disease Treatment Syndrome PTLDS a review of its origin and its consequences in the socio-economic sphere JOSE LAPENTAThe Prevalence of People With Restricted Access to Work in Man-Made Electromagnetic Environments BevingtonBiofield Energy Treatment Physicochemical and Thermal Characterization of L-Tryptophan JanaIn Vitro Evaluation of Anti-Rheumatoid Arthritis Potential of Biofield Energy Treatment by Inhibition of IL-8 Secretion Using Synovial Sarcoma Cell Line SW982 JanaUltrasonography as the First Method of Choice in the Diagnosis of Primary Extrahepatic Echinococcosis Case Report StoyanovPatient-Provider Relationship Novel Approach to Compliance with Care MohiuddinA Thoroughgoing Detail of Surgical Enrichments MohiuddinThe Pleomorphic Immunoblasts Infectious Mononucleosis BajajDeath for sale A study of drug poisoning and deaths in Sudan Mustafa OmerReview of Incidence of Postoperative Events after Muscle Paralysis Reversal Utilizing Sugammadex Bridion In Comparison to Anticholinesterase and Anticholinergic Combination Therapy Cladribine in the Treatment of Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia where do we stand,-where-do-we-stand?/2043Marlies Van HoefEvaluation of the Physicochemical and Thermal Properties of Sulfamethoxazole Influence of the Energy of Consciousness Healing Treatment JanaThe Augusta Heart Study GeorgeWound Healing Activity of Consciousness Energy Healing Treatmenton HFF-1 Cells and DMEM Using Scratch Assay JanaThe T cell predominance Peripheral T cell lymphoma-not otherwise specified BajajThe Neurological Manifestations as an Onset Symptom of Antiphospholipid Syndrome Report of Two Cases ShahbeigiTargeting Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition a Critical Prerequisite to Manage Cancer Stem Cell Fate and Metastasis GiriIn vivo Hair Growth Promotion Efficacy of Biofield Energy Treatment in C57BL 6 Mice JanaAssessment of the Physicochemical and Thermal Characterization of Biofield Energy Treated Polylactic-co-glycolic acid PLGA JanaAssessment of the Effect of Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment on Physicochemical and Thermal Properties of Chromium VI Oxide JanaManagement of Opioid Side Effects La FranceDesign Formulation and Evaluation of Extended Release Tablet Containing Nisoldipine,-Formulation-and-Evaluation-of-Extended-Release-Tablet-Containing-Nisoldipine/2022Ganeshmal ChaudhariPhagocytosis and Emperipolesis Rosai Dorfman s Syndrome’s-Syndrome/2021Anubha BajajBreeding and larval rearing in hatchery of Macrobrachium vollenhovenii Herklots 1857 in a perspective of biological control against human Schistosomiasis in tropical area,-1857)-in-a-perspective-of-biological-control-against-human-Schistosomiasis-in-tropical-area/2019Papa Demba NDAORisk Factors for Postoperative Complications in Patients with Esophageal Cancer Receiving Perioperative Oral Management InaiDiagnostic Value of Strain Elastography in Distinguishing Benign from Malignant Solid Liver Masses ALMUSObesity aging linked to over sex more to get Alzheimer s's/2014Rahul HajareOxidative Stress Antioxidants Physical Activity and the Prevention of Breast Cancer Initiation and Progression,-Antioxidants,-Physical-Activity,-and-the-Prevention-of-Breast-Cancer-Initiation-and-Progression/2013Steven S. CoughlinFarmers Perception of the Impacts of Climate Variability and Change on Food Security in Rubanda District South Western Uganda’-Perception-of-the-Impacts-of-Climate-Variability-and-Change-on-Food-Security-in-Rubanda-District,-South-Western-Uganda/2011BYAMUKAMA WILLBROADIn Vitro Assessment of Biofield Energy Healing Treatment on Hair Growth by Enhanced Proliferation of Human Follicular Dermal Papilla Cells HFDPCs JanaProduct literature of ritonavir and lopinavir conclusion of Overview of literature and approvals relating to selected fixed-dose combinations ARVs such as ritonavir and lopinavir etc,-conclusion-of-Overview-of-literature-and-approvals--relating-to-selected-fixed-dose-combinations-ARVs(such-as-ritonavir-and--lopinavir-etc-)/2009krishna sarma PathyPiperidine Containing Murrayanine-Chalcones as Emerging Bactericidal and Fungicidal Agents Kar MahapatraAssessment of Biofield Energy Treatment on Liver Health Using Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Line HepG2 JanaAdult-onset hemophagocytic syndrome with severe central nervous system involvement a case report WangPhysicochemical and Organoleptic Olive Oil Characterization of Three Algerian Varieties Extracted by Three Processes SouheilaExploring Buprenorphine as a Useful Pain Management Agent La France