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Evaluation of the Structural Properties and Isotopic Abundance Ratios of Consciousness Energy Healing Treated Vitamin D3 Using LC-MS GC-MS and NMR Spectroscopy,-GC-MS,-and-NMR-Spectroscopy/3179Snehasis JanaClinical Profile of Heart Failure at the Reference Health Center of Municipal I of Bamako District DEMBELEAnalysis of Isotopic Abundance Ratio of Consciousness Energy Healing Treated Silver SulfadiazineUsing LC-MSand GC-MS Spectrometry JanaHealth Literacy Social Determinants of Health and Disease Prevention and Control,-Social-Determinants-of-Health,-and-Disease-Prevention-and-Control/3061Steven S. CoughlinAntioxidant Antimicrobial Activities and HPLC Quantitative Analysis of Some Sudanese Medicinal Plants,-Antimicrobial-Activities-and-HPLC-Quantitative-Analysis-of-Some-Sudanese-Medicinal-Plants/3031Abdalla Ahmed ElbashirScreening of Potential Bioactive Compounds from Padina gymnospora found in the Coast of St Martin Island of Bangladesh NAZIR HOSSAINAn Evaluation of Four Commercial Feeds during Chinook Salmon Rearing WipfTanacetum Parthenium Griffonia Simplicifolia and Magnesium as Symptomatic andProphylactic Treatment for Headache in Paediatric Patients,-Parthenium,-Griffonia-Simplicifolia-and-Magnesium-as-Symptomatic-andProphylactic-Treatment-for-Headache-in-Paediatric-Patients/2974Pietro FerraraTimely Initiation of Breast Feeding and Its Predictors among Northern Ethiopia Women having Children Less than Six Months Age A Community Based Cross Sectional Study;-A-Community-Based-Cross-Sectional-Study/2916Maezu Gebreslassie Development of nutritionally enhanced wheat breads supplemented with tef Eragrostistef Zucc Trotter grain flour Kore MenjayeInsulin resistance and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease a review of the pathophysiology and the potential targets for drug actions AzeezNon adherence to dietary recommendation and associated factors among type2 diabetic patients in Illuababor zone southwest Ethiopia Debalke Studies on the physicochemical and antimicrobial properties of Theobroma cacao pod husk ash extract OyedeleOptimization of the Reduction of Phytates and Trypsin Inhibitors of Soybeans Glycine Max L Effect of Soaking and Cooking Tambo TenePrevalence and associated factors of cervico-vaginal HPV infection among 35 year age cohort ever married women in a district of Sri Lanka A cross sectional study PereraMagnitude of Antiretroviral Treatment Discontinuation and Its Determinants Among Adult HIV-AIDS Patients at Kirkos Health Center Addis Ababa Ethiopia 2019,-Addis-Ababa,-Ethiopia,-2019/2883Getasew AmognePortulaca oleracea L Reduces Adipogenesis by Regulating Adipogenic Transcription Factors and Enzymes in Adipocytes Sook HanMutations in structural proteins of SARS-CoV-2 and potential implications for the ongoing outbreak of infection in India DasguptaStudy on the efficiency of the growth of the Pacific Oyster Crassostrea gigas in Costa Rica Ostreoida Ostreidae according to mesh types“Crassostrea-gigas”-in-Costa-Rica-(Ostreoida:-Ostreidae)-according-to-mesh-types-/2855Carlos Pérez ReyesPulmonary Embolism of the Young Subject in Bamako About 19 Casesé yves rolandChanging Electrocardiogram Waveforms to Quantitatively Assess Myocardial function New Hypothesis and Validation Experiment regarding the U Wave HeExploring How a Palliative Care Team Impacts the Grieving Process for Families after the Death of a Child SteurerOccurrence and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Profiling of Bacteria Isolated from Cultured Pangas Catfish Pangasius pangasius and Climbing Perch Anabas testudineus Fishes Ekhlas Uddin DipuSynergistic ingestion of tramadol calabash chalk nzu cigarette alcohol and codeine its impact on the renal and hepatic function of male humans,-calabash-chalk-(nzu),-cigarette,-alcohol-and-codeine:-its-impact-on-the-renal-and-hepatic-function-of-male-humans/2742TAMUNO-BOMA ODINGAE-cigarettes induced lung disease in adult and adolescent population BegunBrain Death Scintigraphy using Tc-99m DTPA Does Equivocal Cerebral Flow Matter BaidyaEvaluating Methods of Rat Euthanasia on the Liver and Kidney of Wistar rats Cervical dislocation chloroform inhalation diethyl ether inhalation and formalin inhalation,-chloroform-inhalation,-diethyl-ether-inhalation-and-formalin-inhalation./2736Ugochukwu AguwaFull Endovascular Management in Simultaneous Ischeamic and Bleeding Complications During Covid 19 Pandemic in Northern Italy PancaldiPhytochemical Composition and Antioxidant Activity of Rosehips of 11 Rose Samples Collected in Central Italy ScalisePhytochemical screening and evaluation of antioxidant and cytotoxic activities of Halimeda opuntia Morshedul AlamNear-infrared reflectance spectroscopy NIRS for tannin starch and amylose determination in sorghum breeding programs,-starch-and-amylose-determination-in-sorghum-breeding-programs/2716Mulate ZerihunMolecular Filter for Free Water Molecules Water through glass ScherlagTelehealth Care in Maternal-Fetal Medicine During COVID-19 Pandemic GhafoorApparatus for Generating Negative air ions Inactivation of coronaviruses ScherlagLong Term Sobriety Application of Mind Body Practices AmatoProspective Review of Early Psychosis Following Traumatic Brain Injury in a Tertiary Hospital in Suburban Community of South Western Nigeria I OkunlolaNon adherence and Contributing Factors among Ambulatory Patients with Anti-diabetic Medications at Tertiary Hospital Garedow Advice-only Diet Restriction and Physical Activity In-fluence on Blood Glucose Level of Poorly controlled Type 2 Diabetic Patients KawserHematological and Immunological parameters in apparently healthy people in Ethiopia Systematic review and meta-analysis AwulachewAn Overview of Venous Thrombo-Embolism Prophylaxis in Ambulatory Cancer Patients KreidiehAnti-NMDA receptor encephalitis associated to ovarian teratoma physiopathology and when to suspectícia Caroline BreisEffect of Solar Drying Method on the Proximate Composition Microbial Load and Mycotoxin Concentration of Plantain Musa Paradisiaca Flour,-Microbial-Load,-and-Mycotoxin-Concentration-of-Plantain-(Musa-Paradisiaca)-Flour/2686Afia Sakyiwaa AmponsahA Short Review on Fokker-Planck Equations Entropy Production and Entropy Generation,-Entropy-Production-and-Entropy-Generation/2680Preet SharmaIce Cream Nutrition and Its Health Impacts LegassaTobacco Cessation Rural Residence and Lung Cancer,-Rural-Residence,-and-Lung-Cancer/2675Steven S. CoughlinAnalysis of ctDNA Biomarker in Breast Cancer FejzullahuComparison of the kinetics of glucose response after oral glucose tolerance test and a standardised breakfast in obese patients with the use of cgm FysekidisAssessment of Nutritional Status in Relation to Sleeping Patterns in Adolescent Girls 15-19 Years PataliaCharacterization of MiR-92b 1275 and 551 in Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and their association with acute Graft versus Host Disease after Hematopoietic Stem cell Transplantation,1275-and-551-in-Patients-with-Acute-Myeloid-Leukemia-and-their-association-with-acute-Graft-versus-Host-Disease-after-Hematopoietic-Stem-cell-Transplantation/2655haleh bozorgiComparative between Agno3 and Kmno4 as an Alternate Method of Castration in Lwy Boar Hmangaihsanga