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Sunscreen and Coral Reef MohiuddinRole of Nutrition in Glyemic Control Results of a Preliminary Study FosROLES AND LIMITATIONS OF BIS-BASED MONITORING OF DEPTH OF ANAESTHESIA Zayyad WankaRole of the Biofield Energy Treated Test Formulation on Different Vital Organ Specific Biomarkers JanaQuality Implications of Physico-Chemical Properties and Heavy Metal Concentration Levels in Groundwater Sources in Elebele Community Bayelsa State Nigeria,-Bayelsa-State,-Nigeria/2518Nwankwoala H.O Local preferences and perception towards the consumption of farmed fish in the Center Region of Cameroon Michel NJINKOUEIn-vitro Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of the Marketed Linagliptin and Aspirin Tablets Available in Bangladesh Shariful IslamPrevalence and Clinical Impact of Sinusitis in Liver Graft Recipients YelNegative health effects of the International Space Station SkopecUltrasound Guided Radiofrequency Ablation In a Patient With Post Vaginal Hysterectomy Pubic Pain A Case Report BaigInvestigation of Copper and Zinc on the Content in Haizhou Bay and in Platycephalus indicus BingzhiTeratogenic Potential of Traditionally Formulated and Nano-Encapsulated Vitamin A in Two Vertebrate Models Rattus norvegicus and Xenopus Laevis,-Rattus-norvegicus-and-Xenopus-Laevis/2493Maria BattistoniDesign of a Cross Flow Filtration Module Intended to Minimize Fouling and Concentration Polarization omalangaThe Allocated Acrosyringium - Eccrine Poroma BajajTraditional System of Medicine and Nutritional Supplementation Use Vs Regulation MohiuddinNanoparticles of Tin and Titanium KHANCytogenetic Exploration of Ewing Sarcoma with Emphasis on Variant Translocations A 12year study at a Regional Cancer Centre in South Asia SMaternal and Cord Blood Acylcarnitine Levels and Preterm Birth WatkinsSelf-Assessment for Competency and Educational Needs of Physician Trainees Regarding Pediatric Palliative Care PhungA Comparative Analysis of Viscosity and Thermal conductivity for Al2O3 CuO hybrid nanofluid in binary base fluids SahooTargeting Tumor-Associated Macrophages TAMs Reprogramming for Cancer Metastasis Therapy Dong Prevalence Knowledge and Awareness Regarding Common Eye Diseases among University Student of Rajshahi city Bangladesh“Prevalence,-Knowledge-and-Awareness-Regarding-Common-Eye-Diseases-among-University-Student-of-Rajshahi-city,-Bangladesh”/2477Shakib UzzamanMathematical Analysis carried out on the Study of Compatibility De-lamination and Load-bearing Capacity of Synthetic Diamond Coatings Deposited on Tungsten Carbide Composites,-De-lamination-and-Load-bearing-Capacity-of-Synthetic-Diamond-Coatings-Deposited-on-Tungsten-Carbide-Composites/2468Kaleem Ahmad NajarObese and Overweight People Food Profile in Brazzaville Congo,-Congo/2467yvon simplice Itoua Expression of HDAC8 Indicates Poor Prognosis of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Progression to Advanced Stage Feng ChengCharacterization of Cancer Stem Cells in Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma TanPouch Pocket Receptacle Meckel s Diverticulum,-Pocket-,-Receptacle-:Meckel’s-Diverticulum/2461Anubha BajajRole of vitamin D receptor VDR genetic polymorphism in onset of type 2 diabetes mellitus SattarLate Onset Multiple Sclerosis An Underlying Disease for Trigeminal Neuralgia GrecaCardiovascular Disease among Female Veterans of the 1991 Gulf War Era S. Coughlin Forensic Medical Report is Very Important Part of Every Suspicious Death Case FranjicEvaluation of a Consciousness Energy Healing Based Test Formulation for Skin Health JanaNutritional Content of Malt Drinks Sold on the Ghanaian Market Y. A. BarkuEvaluation of Stress Biomarkers after Oral Administration of the Consciousness Energy Healing Treated Novel Herbomineral Formulation in Male Sprague Dawley Rats JanaMicrostructural Transport and Magnetic Properties of the Bulk TiO sub 2 sub x Bi sub 2 sub Sr sub 2 sub CaCu sub 2 sub O sub 8 sub,-Transport-and-Magnetic-Properties-of-the-Bulk-(TiO2)x-Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ/2446Boussouf NoraObtaing Iron Nanoparticles from Chip through Top Down Technology Simon Torres EspadaThe Psychoneuroimmune Pathogenesis of Cancer Therapeutic Strategy to Normalize Cancer-Related Brain Unbalance between Hyperfunction of Opioid System and Hypofunction of Cannabinoid-Pineal Axis by Antitumor Pineal Indoles and the Mu-Opioid Antagonist Naltrexone in Untreatable Advanced Cancer Patients,-and-the-Mu-Opioid-Antagonist-Naltrexone-in-Untreatable-Advanced-Cancer-Patients./2442Paolo LissoniDiagnostic Significance of CEA and CA 19-9 for the Early Diagnosis of Cancer HAQUELymphomatoid Granulomatosis Rare Radiologic Presentation as a Solitary Pulmonary Mass ShestakovaCorrelation of Pre-Operative Co-Morbidity Indices with Peri-Operative and Post-Operative Metrics in Urological Patients Undergoing Major Open Procedures SarriA Rare Cause of Facial Edema and Pain Temporalis Muscle Hypertrophy Eduardo de Almeida FranzTranslation and validation of the Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire for the Spanish speaking population residing in the United States PalakunnelFactors Influencing the Uptake and Sustainable Use of Soil and Water Conservation Measures in Bubaare Micro-Catchment Kabale District South Western Uganda,-Kabale-District,-South-Western-Uganda/2432Byamukama WillbroadIrritable bowel syndrome mimicking diverticulitis BattiA Survey on the Status of Pangolins By Camera Trapping in Deng-Deng National Park Eastern Region Cameroon,-Eastern-Region,-Cameroon/2430Melle Ekane MauriceBurn Pits Exposure and Chronic Respiratory Illnesses among Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans S. CoughlinEvaluation of Food Nitrogen and Its Protein Quality Assessment Methods JAINAssociation of Laryngopharyngeal Reflux and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease LinInternal dental root resorption a case report and literature review IleaCopper I Nicotinate complex Abrogates Acrylamide Induced Hepatotoxicity in Male Rats Biochemical and Histological Studies M. Elsawi