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Retrospective evaluation of the accuracy of Point of Care versus central laboratory sodium measurements at a supra maximal care hospital Dolscheid-PommerichLong Term Follow-Up In Feminine Stress Urinary Incontinence Ambulatory Surgery By Using A Single Incision Transobturator Mesh Navalon VerdejoWater H sub 2 sub O sub 2 sub Levels as Factor in Swimmers Melanoma EmbiArtificial Radionuclides sup 137 sup Cs and sup 90 sup Sr in the Components of the Ecosystems of the Salt Lakes of the Crimea Natalya Comparison Of Forced Air and Conductive Heating Systems During Out-Patient Orthopaedic Surgeries - A Randomized Controlled Trial MehtaUNDERSTANDING THE LYME DISEASE CLASSIFICATION AND CODES,-CLASSIFICATION-AND-CODES./1769DR. JOSE LAPENTAThe Effect of Potato Polyphenols in Combination with Cellulose or Inulin in a Mixed Culture of Swine Fecal Bacteria KiluaAnaerobic Performance and Acid-Base Balance in Basketball Players after the Consumption of Highly Alkaline Water MaszczykTick Paralysis JOSE LAPENTADepartment of Dermatology and Post graduated from University of Carabobo Venezuela,-Venezuela/1751DR. JOSE LAPENTAIn Silico Chromatography Modeling a New Support for Alkyl-Bonded Phases and a Solvent Phase HanaiParticipation in Cancer Biobanking at a German Department for Obstetrics and Gynecology SchottUsefulness of an Infrared Earphone-Type Thermometer for Pediatric Patients during General Anesthesia A Pilot Study TachibanaSystolic Diastolic Blood Pressure Determinants of Shock Patients DasHelicobacter Pylori Infection Epidemiology Endoscopic Findings and Associated Socio-Demographic Factors in Uninvestigated Dyspepsia in the People of Misan Iraq,-Epidemiology,-Endoscopic-Findings-and-Associated-Socio-Demographic-Factors-in-Uninvestigated-Dyspepsia-in-the-People-of-Misan,-Iraq/1739Redha Alwan Hasan Alhashimi Experience of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy in the Intensive Care Unit GokcekPost Gardasil and Cervarix HPV Vaccine Syndrome JOSE LAPENTAThe Minocycle in Lyme disease JOSE LAPENTAMidazolam Plasma Concentrations in Children after Anesthetic Premedication for Short Routine Cases - An Observational Study DullenkopfBioanalytical Method Optimization for the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Vancomycinía Mercedes De ZanAnti-Proliferative and Apoptotic Effects of span style font-style italic Polygonum cuspidatum span and its Bioactive Compound Emodin in Colorectal Carcinoma HT-29 cells,-Emodin,-in-Colorectal-Carcinoma-HT-29-cells/1731Shih Ying ChenDeterminants of Male Uptake of Antenatal Care ANC services in Mutare City 2015,-2015/1730Auxilia Chideme MunodawafaUltrasound Guided Transversus Abdominis Plane Block versus Intrathecal Nalbuphine Injection for Postoperative Analgesia in Preeclamptic Patients Undergoing Cesarean Section AttiaEffects of Water Replenishment from Yellow River on Water Quality of Hengshui Lake 1 Wetland weigangExperimental analysis of carbon nanotubes in cementitious materials MoraisGut Microbiota and Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth Daza A Study of the Diurnal Height Changes among sample of Adults aged Thirty years and above in Ghana Vuvor The Interleukin-17 IL-17 puzzle in Chagas disease MengelDesign Modeling Synthesis and i In Vitro i Evaluation of new DPP-IV Inhibitors,-Modeling,-Synthesis-and-In-Vitro-Evaluation-of--new-DPP-IV-Inhibitors/1712Ahmed MehannaContinuous Spinal Anaesthesia CSA for Emergency Laparotomy in High-Risk Elderly patients Technique and Outcomes of a Prospective Service Evaluation NirajParaneoplastic Leukemoid Reaction in Solid Tumors A Benign Syndrome of Poor Prognosis Short Review of Literature,-A-Benign-Syndrome-of-Poor-Prognosis:-Short-Review-of-Literature/1703Georges El HachemElectrospun Micro and Nanofibres of Olive Oil and Polyvinilic Alcohol SantacruzDecalogue for Sustainable Food and Nutrition in the Community Gran Canaria Declaration 2016 Serra-MajemBreast Cancer Stem Cells Understanding and Opportunities for Therapeutics Kumar DeshmukhLong-Term Follow-up of Malone Meatoplasty for Meatal Stenosis in Patients with Lichen Sclerosus Navalon VerdejoWhat Influences Humans Flavor Perception to Skittles WuAmelioration of Diabetic Dyslipidemia by GTF 231 Gymnemic acid Trigonelline and Ferulic acid- 2 3 1 a phytochemical preparation Studied in High Fat Diet Fed-Low Dose STZ Induced Experimental Type 2 Diabetes in Rats–-231-(Gymnemic-acid,-Trigonelline-and-Ferulic-acid--2:3:1),-a-phytochemical-preparation-Studied-in-High-Fat-Diet-Fed-Low-Dose-STZ-Induced-Experimental-Type-2-Diabetes-in-Rats/1690Sorimuthu Pillai SubramanianSubcostal Transversus Abdominis Plane STAP Block with Depot Steroids in the Management of Upper Abdominal Myofascial Pain Syndrome AMPS NirajComparison of different synthesis ways for Mg Al- layered double hydroxides LDH effects of ultrasound treatment and Characterization of the structural phases by Rietveld refinement–Al--layered-double-hydroxides-(LDH):-effects-of-ultrasound-treatment--and-Characterization-of-the-structural-phases-by-Rietveld-refinement./1688babay salemReplicate Imaging of a Unicellular Plant through a GlassBarrier Using Fine Iron Particles Evidence for Electromagnetic Energy Transfer ScherlagThe school-level factors associated with internet addiction among adolescents A Cross-Sectional study in Bangladesh HossainConventional Videoendoscopy and Endoscopic Findings Related to i Helicobacter Pylori i GomesMolecular Identification of i Staphylococcus aureus i Isolated from Clinical Samples by Specific PCR Assay Targeting the Sgnal Transduction Gene LiuFunctional Outcomes and Health Related Quality of Life after Artificial Urinary Sphincter Implantation Evaluation with Validated Questionnaires D EliaAsymptomatic Zinner s Syndrome Diagnosed during the Sixth Decade of Life Case Report and Review of the Literature's-Syndrome-Diagnosed-during-the-Sixth-Decade-of-Life:-Case-Report-and-Review-of-the-Literature/1676Maria Angela CerrutoMinimizing Stress Response and Cognitive Dysfunction in Orthopedic Surgery The Prospects of Epidural Anesthesia EzhevskayaGenital Herpes Current Perspectives CarugnoNormal Pressure Hydrocephalus Secondary to Intracranial Mass A Case Series LateefA Neuroimmune Model of Gulf War Illness S. CoughlinAggregation in Children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Grigory Levin