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The Interleukin-17 IL-17 puzzle in Chagas disease MengelContinuous Spinal Anaesthesia CSA for Emergency Laparotomy in High-Risk Elderly patients Technique and Outcomes of a Prospective Service Evaluation NirajParaneoplastic Leukemoid Reaction in Solid Tumors A Benign Syndrome of Poor Prognosis Short Review of Literature,-A-Benign-Syndrome-of-Poor-Prognosis:-Short-Review-of-Literature/1703Georges El HachemBreast Cancer Stem Cells Understanding and Opportunities for Therapeutics Kumar DeshmukhLong-Term Follow-up of Malone Meatoplasty for Meatal Stenosis in Patients with Lichen Sclerosus Navalon VerdejoWhat influences human rsquo s flavor perception to Skittles’-s-flavor-perception-to-Skittles?/1691XuJun WuSubcostal Transversus Abdominis Plane STAP Block with depot steroids in the management of upper abdominal myofascial pain syndrome AMPS NirajReplicate Imaging of a Unicellular Plant through a GlassBarrier Using Fine Iron Particles Evidence for Electromagnetic Energy Transfer ScherlagThe school-level factors associated with internet addiction among adolescents A Cross-Sectional study in Bangladesh HossainConventional Videoendoscopy and Endoscopic Findings Related to i Helicobacter Pylori i GomesMolecular identification of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from clinical samples by specific PCR assay targeting the signal transduction gene LiuFunctional Outcomes and Health Related Quality of Life after Artificial Urinary Sphincter Implantation Evaluation with Validated Questionnaires D EliaAsymptomatic Zinner s Syndrome Diagnosed during the Sixth Decade of Life Case Report and Review of the Literature’s-Syndrome-Diagnosed-during-the-Sixth-Decade-of-Life:-Case-Report-and-Review-of-the-Literature/1676Maria Angela CerrutoMinimizing Stress Response and Cognitive Dysfunction in Orthopedic Surgery The Prospects of Epidural Anesthesia EzhevskayaNormal Pressure Hydrocephalus Secondary to Intracranial Mass A Case Series LateefComparison between embryonic stem cell versus adult stem cell to restore cartilage repair an experimental study OrtuSynthesis and properties of Co Ni co-doped ZnS nanoparticles,-Ni)-co-doped-ZnS-nanoparticles/1657Venkatramana Reddy SDistraction Technique of Lower Jaw on Rabbit Experimental Studies Research KUMMOONARecurrent Haemorrhage due to Cerebral Arterio-venous malformation in successive Pregnancies A rare Presentation muthyalaEffects of Deposition Temperature on the Properties of ZnO Films Grown by High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering YuanBioprospecting for Algal Based Nutraceuticals and High Value Added Compounds SubudhiDiscovering What Patients Really Expect from Their Anesthesiologist CorneliusIntracranial Multiple Sites Recurrence and Extracranial Multiple Organs Metastasis of Intracranial Hemangiopericytoma QianEffects of Adjuvant in Potentiating the Analgesic Effect of Fascia Iliaca Compartment Block AttiaNon Linear Compact Proton Synchrotrons to Improve Human Cancer Cells and Tissues Treatments and Diagnostics through Particle Therapy Accelerators with Monochromatic Microbeams HeidariCombination of Tanacethum Partenium 5-Hydrossitriptophan 5-http and Magnesium in the Prophylaxis of Episodic Migraine without Aura AURASTOP An Observational Study,-5-Hydrossitriptophan-(5-http)-and-Magnesium-in-the-Prophylaxis-of-Episodic-Migraine-without-Aura-(AURASTOP®)-An-Observational-Study/1630Giorgio Dalla, VoltaIncreased Expression of CD44v9 A Cancer Stem Cell Marker in Head And Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells after Irradiation,-A-Cancer-Stem-Cell-Marker,-in-Head-And-Neck-Squamous-Cell-Carcinoma-Cells-after-Irradiation/1628Yasufumi OmoriAminoff Suffering Syndrome in advanced Alzheimer s disease and end-of-life First 10 years's-disease-and-end-of-life:-First-10-years/1626 Hypereosinophilia-and-Intraoperative-Complications-under-General-Anesthesia-in-Surgical-Patients-Aged-12-Years-or-More-an-Observation Habib Md Reazaul KarimThe Tolerance of Rabbitfish i Siganus oramin i to The Ichthyotoxic Alga i Chattonella marina i Fung YIUChanges of Hemodynamics and Blood Glucose during Tracheal Intubation in the Geriatrics with Different Glycosylated Hemoglobin Levels Qian Recurrent pregnancy loss-causes and management muthyalaInfantile Haemangiomas A Review on Treatment Modalities BurhanSolitary Fibrous Tumour of the Pleura and Paraneoplastic Symptoms A Case Report and Literature Review Bodtger p Active Targeted Nanoparticles for Anti ndash Cancer Nano Drugs Delivery across the Blood ndash Brain Barrier for Human Brain Cancer Treatment Multiple Sclerosis MS and Alzheimer s Diseases Using Chemical Modifications of Anti ndash Cancer Nano Drugs or Drug ndash Nanoparticles through Zika Virus ZIKV Nanocarriers under Synchrotron Radiation p


/1594Alireza Heidari
Programmed Cell Death of Cultured A549 Lung Epithelial Cells Induced by Sodium Arsenite Exposure MuTransport Therapeutic Active Targeting of Human Brain Tumors Enable Anti Cancer Nanodrugs Delivery across the Blood Brain Barrier BBB to Treat Brain Diseases Using Nanoparticles and Nanocarriers under Synchrotron Radiation HeidariDesign of Targeted Metal Chelation Therapeutics Nanocapsules as Colloidal Carriers and Blood-Brain Barrier BBB Translocation to Targeted Deliver Anti-Cancer Nano Drugs into the Human Brain to Treat Alzheimer s Disease under Synchrotron Radiation's-Disease-under-Synchrotron-Radiation/1591Alireza HeidariDNA by Mail Ensure DNA Integrity by use of Self-Drying Buccal Swabs BauerElimination of the Heavy Metals Toxicity and Diseases in Disruption of Extracellular Matrix ECM Proteins and Cell Adhesion Intelligent Nanomolecules Adjustment in Cancer Metastases Using Metalloenzymes and under Synchrotron Radiation HeidariNanoparticle Encapsulation for Antiretroviral Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis ShibataDistinct NOD2 Polymorphism Status is Associated with Differential Outcome in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Results from a Meta-Analysis ZhouEffects of enhanced external counter-pulsation therapy on QT dispersion in patients with heart failure RashidiOvercoming chemotherapy resistance by targeting the insulin-like growth factor 1 IGF-1 axis in a patient with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer and pituitary adenoma Killing two birds with one stone WangFirst Experience of Rotary Nickel Titanium Root Canal Instrumentation Performed by Undergraduate Students and General Dentists sharaanComparative Study of Hernia Block with Bupivacaine Alone and Bupivacaine plus Dexamethasone as Adjuvant for Open Hernia Repair at Day Care Unit PatelImpact of the City Environment on Human Health The Case of Pollen Allergy in Region of Beni Mellal in Morocco SABOUR ALAOUIGene polymorphisms of cytokines IFN 874 A T TNF -308 G A IL-6 -174 G C l IL-10 -1082 A G -819 C T -592 C A TGF- 1 869 T C 915 G C in Algerian type 1 diabetes and latent autoimmune diabetes in adults LADA,-TNF-?--308-(G/A),-IL-6--174-(G/C),-l�IL-10--1082-(A/G),--819-(C/T)--592-(C/A),-TGF-?1-+869-(T/C),-+915-(G/C)-in-Algerian-type-1-diabetes-and-latent-autoimmune-diabetes-in-adults-(LADA)/1566Rachida RaacheDisulfiram Induced Psychosis SinghTargeting oncogenic receptor currently the standard of care,-currently-the-standard-of-care/1558George Zhu