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Evaluating Methods of Rat Euthanasia on the Liver and Kidney of Wistar rats Cervical dislocation chloroform inhalation diethyl ether inhalation and formalin inhalation,-chloroform-inhalation,-diethyl-ether-inhalation-and-formalin-inhalation./2736Ugochukwu AguwaFull Endovascular Management in Simultaneous Ischeamic and Bleeding Complications During Covid 19 Pandemic in Northern Italy PancaldiPhytochemical screening and evaluation of antioxidant and cytotoxic activities of Halimeda opuntia Morshedul AlamNear-infrared reflectance spectroscopy NIRS for tannin starch and amylose determination in sorghum breeding programs,-starch-and-amylose-determination-in-sorghum-breeding-programs/2716Mulate ZerihunMolecular Filter for Free Water Molecules Water through glass ScherlagApparatus for Generating Negative air ions Inactivation of coronaviruses ScherlagLong Term Sobriety Application of Mind Body Practices AmatoProspective Review of Early Psychosis Following Traumatic Brain Injury in a Tertiary Hospital in Suburban Community of South Western Nigeria I OkunlolaAdvice-only Diet Restriction and Physical Activity In-fluence on Blood Glucose Level of Poorly controlled Type 2 Diabetic Patients KawserHematological and Immunological parameters in apparently healthy people in Ethiopia Systematic review and meta-analysis AwulachewEffect of Solar Drying Method on the Proximate Composition Microbial Load and Mycotoxin Concentration of Plantain Musa Paradisiaca Flour,-Microbial-Load,-and-Mycotoxin-Concentration-of-Plantain-(Musa-Paradisiaca)-Flour/2686Afia Sakyiwaa AmponsahA Short Review on Fokker-Planck Equations Entropy Production and Entropy Generation,-Entropy-Production-and-Entropy-Generation/2680Preet SharmaIce Cream Nutrition and Its Health Impacts LegassaTobacco Cessation Rural Residence and Lung Cancer,-Rural-Residence,-and-Lung-Cancer/2675Steven S. CoughlinAnalysis of ctDNA Biomarker in Breast Cancer FejzullahuComparison of the kinetics of glucose response after oral glucose tolerance test and a standardised breakfast in obese patients with the use of cgm FysekidisAssessment of Nutritional Status in Relation to Sleeping Patterns in Adolescent Girls 15-19 Years PataliaCharacterization of MiR-92b 1275 and 551 in Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and their association with acute Graft versus Host Disease after Hematopoietic Stem cell Transplantation,1275-and-551-in-Patients-with-Acute-Myeloid-Leukemia-and-their-association-with-acute-Graft-versus-Host-Disease-after-Hematopoietic-Stem-cell-Transplantation/2655haleh bozorgiComparative between Agno3 and Kmno4 as an Alternate Method of Castration in Lwy Boar HmangaihsangaHow far could the smoking cessation duration affect postoperative pulmonary complications dobalHCV NS3 4A 3 Protease Inhibitors Simeprevir Process Patents and Evaluation,-Process--Patents-and-Evaluation/2644krishna sarma PathyTreatment and Evolution of Stroke Associated with non Valvular Atrial Fibrillation roland KoumaréEvaluation of Immunological Profile Cellular and Humoral after Oral Administration of the Biofield Energy Healing Treated Test Formulation in Unpredictable Chronic Stress UCS induced Rat Model JanaContinuing Challenges in Rural Health in the United States S. CoughlinIs Medical Marijuana a Viable Option for Opioid Replacement Therapy O DohertyFish Feed Formulation with Microalgae H Pluvialis and A Platensis Effect of Extrusion Process on Stability of Astaxanthin and Antioxidant Capacity KhandualApplication of Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats CRISPR in Veterinary Science FessehaSynthesis and Characterization of Cobalt Substituted NaZnFe sub 2 sub O sub 4 sub by Sol-Gel Method AbbasThe role of local hemostatic agent Gelfoam in the control of postpartum hemorrhage ElshabacyToxic Polyneuropathy Hernandez FustesThalamic Pain Dejerine-Roussy Syndrome for Neurocysticercosis Hernandez FustesHearing Loss Due to Unilateral Nuclear Infarction Hernandez FustesDo human activities with elephants inevitably cause stress to the elephants The use of heart rates to measure emotionality and stress in semi-domestic African elephants engaged in activities with humans“stress”-in-semi-domestic-African-elephants-engaged-in-activities-with-humans.-/2625Marthe Kiley-Worthington A Rare Polypoid Mass of Vagina Tubulo-Villous Adenoma Case Report;-Tubulo-Villous-Adenoma-Case-Report/2623Behdokht NowroozizadehPancreastatin in metabolic diseases AlluThe Lichtenstein Plug Technique The safe repair López RodríguezDo not forget about tuberculosis- Intestinal tuberculosis or Crohn s disease- a diagnostic challenge’s-disease--a-diagnostic-challenge/2614Avgustina GeorgievaPhytochemical Study and Evaluation of the Antioxidant Activity of Extracts of Plectranthus Aromaticus Originating in the Island of Great Comoros MOUHYIDDINE SAID SAID ABDALLAH RIFKIIsolation and Identification of Bacteria Associated with Farm-Cultured Tilapia Oreochromis Niloticus in Sultanate of Oman al ghabshiRelationship between initial high-sensitivity cardiac troponin-T morbidity and mortality in patients after ST-elevation Myocardial Infarction in Erbil City Iraq,-Iraq/2610Nicola KingThe Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics of Microbes Sharma Izingane zethu Those are our children An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Recovery from Whoonga‘Izingane-zethu-/-Those-are-our-children’:-An-Interpretative-Phenomenological-Analysis-of-Recovery-from-Whoonga/2608Thabani KhumaloPerceptions and Welfare of Donkeys in Southern Namibia SamkangeSurfactants and their role in Pharmaceutical Product Development An Overview Kumar JanakiramanCoconut oil as a vehicle for lipophilic drug administration SantosComparative study of hemodynamic changes during induction of anesthesia between Etomidate and Propofol singhDevelopment and Validation of LC-MS MS method for the Determination of Naratriptan in Human Plasma An Application to a pharmacokinetic study AliDehydrated Human Amnion Membrane Allograft for the Clinical Effectiveness in Wound healing KANNAIYANAssociation and Common Etiology of Heart Failure and Cancer A Systematic Review LateefIodine Deficiency and Associated Factors Among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Care at Public Health Facility in Bale Zone Southeast Ethiopia,-Southeast-Ethiopia/2592sintayehu hailu