Khalid Zaffar Masoodi

Assistant Professor


Dr.Khalid Zaffar Masoodi is a Assistant Professor for Dept of Biotechnology in Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir,he completed is PHD from university of Jammu for dept of Biotechnology.Masoodi have discovered the treatment regimen for increasing the efficacy of the ADT and IADT for prostate cancer which helped in delaying the recurrence of prostate cancer and increased the life expectancy in mice xenograft model,also discovered the mechanisms which drive Nucleo- cytoplasmic trafficking of Androgen receptor in castration resistant prostate cancer,Discovered three new small molecules inhibitors for castration resistant prostate cancer that mediate through Androgen Receptor.Discovered Vit D mediated effective treatment regimen for Chronic Uriticaria patients.He has good number of Publications.


Area of Interest

1)cancer cell
2)Prostate tumors in animal models

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