Editor Guidelines

Guidelines for Editorial Board members

Editorial Board members are the heart of our Open Access Journal. The quality and standards of Journal completely depends on the editors. Editorial board members have the authorship of maintaining the process of Journals. The core role of editor members is to work on the peer review process in time. As Ommega Open Access Journals depends on the decision of editor members, he/she must give strict decision based on the authors significant work and validation. There is no bond for accepting the responsibility; you can work as long as you feel you can give the maximum towards the journal and related activities.

Editor Responsibilites

  • Editors are the power house of Journals, once they receive article from editorial office they are requested to assign the articles to the reviewer or to review and give comments in time.
  • Together with other editorial board members or individually, solicit a steady stream of articles on a journal issue basis.
  • Confidentiality of authors work is very important; editor should protect the data of author and maintain confidentiality.
  • Editors should provide feedback to authors regularly.
  • Editor should handle two articles per month depending on the busy schedule of editor member.
  • Decision making should be perfect and accurate, so that the author cannot blame editor and the editorial office.
  • Editors should support and promote the journal.
  • Editor should contribute editorial and research/review article for each issue to maintain the quality of the article.
  • Editors should communicate with reviewers regularly regarding the updates and guide them to maintain the quality of the journal.
  • Editor needs to describe and implement new reviewing policies for handling article and also find the misconducts of author or reviewer involved in peer review system.
  • Editor should ensure that peer review process is followed and the highest standard is maintained.
  • Important information or ideas obtained through peer review process must be kept confidential and not used for personal benefits.
  • Editors should be in a position to resolve any conflicts.


  • If the article is out of research interest or might be busy with other commitments he/ she can directly intimate to the editorial office within 48 hours for his/her busy schedule. So, that editorial manager should assign new editor members for speedy processing.
  • In the process of maintaining the standards of peer review process editors should always be in contact with Ommega editorial office.
  • Editors are requested to recommend experienced and qualified Editorial Member and Reviewers for Ommega Publishers.
  • In any circumstances editors should not use unpublished manuscript, text materials, diagrams, and tables, figures, disclosed in submitted articles for their own research without the express written consent of the author of that manuscript.
  • Ommega Publishers editor should evaluate manuscripts for their intellectual content without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship, country or political philosophy of the authors.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Editors are expected to co-operate and Work with Ommega Publishers to launch special issues.
  • Adding peer-reviewers to the peer-review Ommega reviewer database.
  • Editors should communicate periodically and timely with Ommega Publishers Editorials.
  • Editors should refer and encourage new editors/researchers to be a part of Ommega Publishers.


  • Ommega group provides discounts on editorials.
  • Certificate is provided by Ommega Group to editor members.
  • Recognition as an editor in Ommega Online Publishers.
  • Editors profile is displayed on our website with his image, biography and area of interest.