Letters in Health and Biological Sciences

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Antoine Al-Achi

Editor In Chief

About Journal

Editor-in-Chief Philosophy

The root of medicine is in basic scientific discoveries. As such, this Journal thrives to publish reports in basic biological or chemical sciences that pertain to applications in medicine. We also look forward to submissions that describe applications in clinical research that were based on scientific findings in the areas of biology, chemistry, genetics, etc. The Journal provides a platform for researchers to submit and publish their work in a concise and timely manner. In this age of fast communication, readers often prefer short and concise reviews or research reports that can be read quickly and fit their busy schedule. To that end, we aim to get these reports to our readers in such a format to facilitate proper dissemination of medical knowledge. To our science contributors, our philosophy is to accept publications that demonstrate clarity and commend in the subject matter. The publications must be concise and limited in their scope. We would in particular encourage scientists working in pharmaceutical industry, medical education, and other allied health sciences to submit their contributions to the Journal. Review papers are encouraged as they provide a platform for scientists to summarize their opinion in a given field of interest. This Journal strongly encourages publications in the area of complementary and alternative medicine such as naturopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, osteopathy, or other related medical practices. Case study reports are always welcome. We make all efforts that papers submitted are published in a timely fashion without delay

Aim & Scope

The Letters in Health and Biological Sciences aims to publish quality articles and communications in all areas of health, in particular those related to biological sciences. The journal will consider submissions as primary research articles, review articles, or other relevant short communications. All submissions will be subject to peer review either by editorial board members or by reviewers. To that end, the journal will accept submissions in the following areas of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, medical laboratory sciences, medical technology, radiation technology, applied chemistry and physics in biology, and other related biological fields.



1. Nursing
2. Medical technology
3. Radiation Technology
4. Applied Chemistry
5. Biological markers
6. Biological control agents
7. Applied Microbiology, Biotechnology
8. Dentistry
9. Pharmacy
10. Medical Laboratory Sciences
14.Traditional Chinese Medicine
16.Physician Assistant
17.Physical Therapy
18.Energy Work
19.Biomechanical manipulation therapy
20.Botanical Medicine
22.Clinical Research
23.Biomedical Science
25.Cell Biology
36.Physical Pharmacy
38.Health Regulations


Nursing, Medical technology, Radiation Technology, Applied Chemistry, Biological markers, Biological control agents, Applied Microbiology, Biotechnology, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Sciences