International Journal of Food and Nutritional Science

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Arthur S. Leon

Editor In Chief

About Journal

International Journal of food and nutritional Science - Open Access (IJFNS) is devoted towards international standard peer reviewed Open Access research. IJFNS includes many classifications of nutrition and diet. This journal offers a platform for researchers, scientists and other professors to explore and share their knowledge of scientific advancements in vast variety of health, fitness nutrition and diet affecting their daily life, through a respected peer-reviewed publication. This helps in bringing awareness and the risk associated with major health issues.

Aim & Scope

IJFNS publishes scientific articles to provide its members and readers a gateway to the scientific community with scientific information which are based on ethical standards of publication. IJFNS is delighted to invite different kinds of articles on food and nutrition.



Food & Nutritional Science
Food Chemistry
Food Processing Engineering
Healthy diets
Parenteral nutrition
Food insecurity
Food poisoning
Food safety
Nutritional Disorders
Food and nutrition disorders
Food analysis
Personalised Nutrition
Nutritional assessment
Children malnutrition
Vitamins & Minerals
Food Addiction
Nutrition Therapies
Poor Nutritional Status
Community Nutrition
Vitamin Deficiency
Food Intolerance
Nutrition Deficiency & Treatment
Diet & Metabolic Syndrome
Drug & Protein Metabolism


Food & Nutritional Science, Food Chemistry, Food Processing Engineering, Technologies, Healthy diets, Parenteral nutrition, Food insecurity, Food poisoning, Food safety, Nutritional Disorders, Food and nutrition disorders, Food analysis, Personalised Nutrition, Nutritional assessment, Children malnutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, Food Addiction, Nutrition Therapies, Poor Nutritional Status, Community Nutrition, Vitamin Deficiency, Food Intolerance, Nutrition Deficiency & Treatment, Diet & Metabolic Syndrome, Drug & Protein Metabolism