Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics

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Andrew Allen Webster (Editor-in-Chief)

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About Journal

Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutics is an open access journal that aims to publish research, reviews, mini-reviews, short communications and editorials dealing with all branches of Pharmaceutics. It is a peer-reviewed journal that encircles various branches of Pharmacy research which includes pharmaceutical analysis, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, drug discovery, drug design, formulation of dosage forms, bioavailability & bioequivalence studies, clinical pharmacy, animal toxicity studies, clinical trials for testing safety & efficacy of drug products, drug products specifications, quality control & quality assurance, quality by design, regulatory approval and quality risk management etc., in the field of pharmaceutics. Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutics publishes papers of high quality in all areas of Pharmacy related fields.

JPP encourages researchers to submit their valuable manuscripts for rapid publication and also invites editors and reviewers to join editorial team all around the world. JPP hopes that Researchers, Research scholars, Academician, etc. would make use of this journal publication for the development of science and technology.


Aim & Scope

Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutics is developed as an internationally peer reviewed journal to provide an unrestricted access in the fields of pharmacy and pharmaceutics. The title of the journal changed from Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Designing to Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutics. Leading articles, meeting reports, critical commentaries, letters, and book reviews  dealing with pharmaceutical  sciences (Pharmacy, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacy Practice) etc are accepted.

Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutics follows the Creative Commons Attribution License and scholars open access publishing policies, readers can freely access the published articles through online with unique Digital Objective Identifier (DOI) provided by Cross Ref.



1. Pharmacokinetics

2. Pharmacodynamics

3. Clinical Pharmacy

4. Industrial Pharmacy

5. Pharmaceutical practices

6. Novel Drug Discovery

7. Experimental Pharmacostudies

8. Protein Remodelling Drug Discovery

9. Pharmacovigulence

10. Medicinal Chemistry

11. Drug Chemistry

12. Screening of New Drugs

13. Pharmaceutical Formulation

14. Therapeutic Drugs

15. Pharmaceutical Technologies

16. Drug Trageting

17. Pharmacogenomics

18. Pharmacoproteomics

19. Drug Safety

20. Regenerative Medicine

21. Pharmacoepidemiology

22. Drug Delivery

23. Pharmacognosy

24. Pharmaceutical Analysis

25. Drugs from Natural Resource Drug Disposition


Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Clinical Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical practices, Novel Drug Discovery, Experimental Pharmacostudies, Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Formulation, Therapeutic Drugs, Pharmaceutical Technologies, Drug Trageting, Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacoproteomics, Drug Safety, Regenerative , Medicine, Pharmacoepidemiology, Drug Delivery, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Drugs from Natural Resource, Drug Disposition