Open Access Journals

Open Access helps Accelerate science discover faster.

Open access helps advance knowledge and innovation increase in citations helps author’s credibility as well. We believe that science spreads and increases best where there are no restrictions to access. An open access article can be read by anyone it could be a professional, researcher, a journalist, a politician or a civil servant or an interested ignorant person. Promotion of Open Access is very crucial to constantly improve in the areas of innovation, socioeconomic development, and flow of knowledge around the world.

Access the internet brings together people from all over the world for the purpose of knowledge sharing, be it an underdeveloped country in Africa, a developing country like India or developed countries such as USA or UK, through the medium of internet along with the efforts of Open access provides individuals, institutions, etc. to have immediate access to latest research findings.

Going a step further and making the movement of open access more accessible Ommega online is determined to work on the principles of open access and provide free and unrestricted access to research articles to the world for advancement in areas of Science, Technology and Management (STM).

We follow double blind peer review process, which in returns brings innovations to market faster. Our journals can publish quickly and reach a lager potential audience than traditional journals, while gaining recognition for an author's innovations within his or her technical expert community of choice.

The more people see your work, the more they can build upon it and cite you. It’s not just good for the person that can read your paper; it’s also good for you. Citations link one article to another as research and ideas built on one another.

This is something we care about.