Fatin Arab Awartani



Dr.Fatin Arab Awartani is a Member in Periodontics and community department. Involves in under graduate teaching, post graduate and board teaching.Published more than 15 research articles. Also member in Saudi Dental society- from 1989 until the present.


Area of Interest

1) Periodontics
2) Oral Hygiene

top publication

1) Awartani F, Histopathological effect of use of derum on the gingival, Egyptian Dental Journal, 53, 1979:1983, July 2007.

2) Awartani F. Long Term effects of Doxcycline application as an adjunct to scaling and root planing in the treatment of chronic periodontitis in smokers, Egyptian dental journal, Vol.55, 877;885, January 2009.

3)Awartani F, Oral Health Knowledge And Practices In Saudi Diabetic Female Patients Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal Vol 29, No. 1, (June 2009)

4) Awartani F.Evaluation of the relationship between type 2 diabetes and periodontal disease, Saudi medical journal,july volume 29, 2009

5) AwartaniF. “Serum Immunoglobulin Levels in Type 2 Diabetes (poor and better control) Patients with Chronic Periodontitis\", volume 11 number 3 may 2010 The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice.

6) Awartani F., Attasi F. Evaluation of Periodontal Status in subjects with hyperlipidemia, volume 11 number2 march, 2010. The Journal of Contemporary Dental practice

7) Attasi F, Awartani F \"Oral Hygiene Status among Orthodontic Patients in University Hospital,\" volume 11 number 4 july 2010 The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice.

8)M. Assery, Awartani F.(1998) Level of periodontal health Knowledge among high school students in the east of saudi Arabia. The Saudi Dental Journal, volume 10,number3, 116-122.

9)Taani Q, Awartani F. (2001)Prevalence and distribution of Dentine hypersensitivity and plaque in a population in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Quintessence International 32 (50): 372-376.

10)Taani Q, Awartani F. (2002) Clinical evaluation of Dentine hypersensitivity (DH) in patients attending general dental clinic and periodontal specialty clinic. Journal clinic Periodontal 29 (2): 118-122.

11)Ashri N, Awartani F (2002) The oral hygiene habit of the dental staff at king Saud University Riyadh. Egyptian Dental journal 48(4): 2049-2054.

12)Awartani F. (2002) The Prevalence of Derum use Among Saudi Female and its effect on gingival tissue. Pakistan oral and Dental journal 22(2): 161-166.

13)Almas K, Awartani F (2003) Prevalence of medically compromised patients referred for periodontal treatment to a teaching hospital in central Saudi Arabia.Saudi Medical Journal. 2003..vol24(11) 1242-1245.

14)Awartani F. (2003) Broken appointment Behavior in the dental college in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice2003. volume 4 no.4 november 15,2003.