Research Scientist

Cellular Technology Ltd


SRIVIDYA SUNDARARAMAN is a Staff scientist in Cellular Technology Ltd., Shaker Heights, OH.she completed Doctor of Engineering, Applied Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Medicine Specialization from Cleveland State University.Previously she worked as Graduate Research Assistane in Cleveland Clinic.Srividya Sundararaman has good number of Publications.


Area of Interest

1)Immunoassays,Mammalian cell culture and isolation (adult and embryonic stem cells, PBMC, T cells, B cells, tumor cell lines)
2)Potency assays
3)High-throughput screening
4)Fluorescence imaging
5)Immune monitoring in chronic conditions including cancer,CD4 and CD8 T-cells.

top publication

1. Wunsch M, Caspell R, Kuerten S, Lehmann PV and Sundararaman S; Serial measurements of apoptotic numbers provide better acceptance criterion of PBMC quality than a single measurement prior to T cell assay; Cells. 2015; 4(1):40-55

2. Wunsch M, Mills A, Hanson J, Caspell R, Karulin AY, Recks MS, Kuerten S, Lehmann PV, and Sundararaman S; Characterization of HCMV-specific CD4 T cell response; Viruses 2014 (Submitted)

3. Sundararaman S, Karulin AY, Ansari T, BenHamouda N, Gottwein J, Laxmanan S, Levine SM, Loffredo JT, McArdle S, Neudoerfl C, Roen D, Silina K, Welch M, and Lehmann PV; High reproducibility of ELISPOT Counts from ten different laboratories; Cells. 2015; 4(1):21-39

4. Karulin AY, Karacsony K, Zhang W, Targoni OS, Moldovan I, Dittrich M, Sundararaman S, and Lehmann PV; ELISPOTs produced by CD8 and CD4 cells follow Log Normal distribution; Cells. 2015; 4(1):56-70

5. Hanson J*, Sundararaman S*, Caspell R, Karacsony E, Karulin AY, and Lehmann PV; ELISPOT assays in 384 well format: up to 30 data points with 1 million cells; Cells. 2015; 4(1):71-83

6. Paul V. Lehmann, Srividya Sundararaman. “When Results of T cell Immune Monitoring Match/Do Not Match Clinical Outcomes of Tumor Vaccine Trials: What More Could and Should We Measure?” in The Tumor ImmunoEnvironment, Michael R. Shurin, Viktor Umansky, Anatoli M. Malyguine editors, Springer; Chapter 32, 725-740; 2013

7. Sundararaman S, Kiedrowski M, Miller T, Pastore J, Forudi F, Penn MS; Plasmid based transient human Stromal Cell-Derived Factor-1 gene transfer improves cardiac function in chronic heart failure; Gene Therapy, 2011 Sep;18(9):867-73

8. Sundararaman S, Kiedrowski M, Pastore J, Penn MS; Non-Viral Delivery of Stromal Derived Cell Factor -1 Gene Improves Cardiac Function in Heart Failure, Molecular Therapy, 2009 May; Vol 17 S1 (Abstract)

9.Mayorga M, Feng D, Sundararaman S, Mal N, Jiang Y, Howe PH, Penn MS; Central role for Disabled-2 in mesenchymal stem cardiac protein expression and functional consequences after engraftment in acute myocardial infarction; Stem Cells and Development, 2011 Apr;20(4):681-93

1. Doctoral Dissertation Research Expense Award, (June 09)
2. Poster Presentation Winner, CUGSR, (March 2009)
3. Molecular Medicine Specialization Award, (2008-2010)
4. Singapore MIT Alliance Scholarship (2003-2004).