Selene Nunez-Cruz

Senior Scientist

Translational Research Program
University of Pennsylvania


Selene received her Master’s in Biochemistry at the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico. She then moved to France to obtain a PhD in Immunology at l'Universite d’Aix Marseille, France. She completed her Postdoctoral research training at the Ovarian Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania (Upenn), PA, USA where her work focused on generating an innovative and practical in vivo mouse model for study of tumor microenvironment and ovarian cancer. Selene is currently working as a Senior Scientist at the Translational Research Program of UPenn and her research concentrates on the development of preclinical models of Hematological and Solid cancers to evaluate T cell immunotherapy with genetically-engineered T cells that recognize putative antigens on malignant cells. These studies are dedicated to translational research aim to the development of clinical trials.


Area of Interest

1)Cancer immunology
2)Translational research
3)Preclinical models

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