Firoz Kazhungil

Assistant Professor


Firoz Kazhungil is Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Psychiatry, Government Medical College, Manjeri,Kerala, India. He serves as Editorial Board Member of several national and international journals including TJPRC: International Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, Edorium Journal of Psychiatry, Annals Medicus, Kerala Journal of Psychiatry and International Journal of General Medicine and Pharmacy. He is a reviewer of several indexed international and national journals in medicine, psychiatry and psychology.


Area of Interest

1) Psychiatry
2) Psychology
3) Mental Health
4) Cognitive Neuroscience

top publication

1.  Asfia Khaleel,  Firoz K, Manoj Kumar G, Rajmohan V, Raghuram TM. Childhood  disintegrative disorder. Kerala Journal of  Psychiatry   2013; 27 (1):43-45

2.  Rajmohan V, Firoz K, Manoj Kumar, Raghuram TM, Sushil Kakkan.  Prevalence and correlates of delirium and  comparison of delirium tremens and delirium due to medical causes. Annals Medicus 2014; 1(1):18-25

3.  K. Firoz, V. Nidheesh Sankar, V. Rajmohan, G. Manoj Kumar, T.M. Raghuram. Treatment of fetishism  with naltrexone  –  A case report.  Asian Journal of Psychiatry 2014; 8:67-68.

4.  Kazhungil Firoz, Asfia Khaleel, Rajmohan V, Raghuram T M.  Mania induced by opipramol. Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine 2015; 37:96-8.

5.  Rajmohan Velayudhan, Asfia Khaleel, Nideesh Sankar, Manoj Kumar,  Firoz Kazhungil, Thazhe Mangool  Raghuram.  Fetishistic transvestism in a patient with mental retardation and psychosis. Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine 2014; 36:198-200.

6.  Firoz Kazhungil, Sheela P Haveri, Mithun C Mohan, Rajmohan V, Ranjith Sukumar.  Cognitive functions  in  subclinical hypothyroidism  –  a systematic review and meta-analysis. Annals Medicus 2015 (Accepted for publication)

7.  P.A Fazal Ghafoor,  Firoz Kazhungil, Liji Premlal,  Suni Muraleedharan, G Manoj Kumar, V Rajmohan, TM Raghuram.  Attention  and executive functions of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Kerala Journal of Psychiatry 2015; 28(2)

8.  Firoz Kazhungil, Rajmohan Velayudhan, Manoj Kumar G, Raghuram Thazhe Mangool. A comparative study of  caregiver burden in late-onset depression and Alzheimer’s disease. Psychogeriatrics 2015 (Published online)

9.  Firoz Kazhungil. Evidence based medicine in psychiatry.  Annals Medicus 2015: 2 Suppl.1-3.

10. Asfia Khaleel, Firoz Kazhungil. Behavioral addiction under the rubric of addiction spectrum disorders ranging from impulsive-compulsive disorders to reward deficiency syndrome. Journal of Addiction and Dependence 2015; 1(1): 1-6