Ruben Andres Ortega Bonilla

Assistant Researcher


Ruben Andres Ortega Bonilla is an Agroindustrial Engineer of the University of Cauca, Popayan (Colombia), he worked 3 years with PANES Programme as an agricultural assistant in rural areas focused on food and nutrition safety with children and adolescents of official institutions through the production, processing and distribution of food of high nutritional value. He gained research experience during his postgraduate courses in Polytechnic Institute of Braganca (Portugal) and the University of Lleida (Spain). He has been a professor in Colombia for two years. His areas of research interest include physicochemical parameters in food and nutritional assessment and intervention; scholar health & nutrition. Andres Ortega is currently involved as an Assistant Researcher at Chemistry department of the Faculty of Natural Sciences in the University of Cauca, Popayan (Colombia), in two ongoing projects which are aimed to evaluate quinoa, sacred food for Andes indigenous with high nutritional value for low-income populations


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