Ahmet H. Ertas

Associate Professor

Dept of Mechanical Engineering
Karabuk University


 Ahmet H. ERTAS, from Karabuk University, Turkey. He is  an Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering of Karabuk University. He is  the editorial board members of JESTECH, Journal of Computer Science & Engineering, IJARTET, Academia Research, Cogent Engineering, etc. 


Area of Interest

1) Structural optimization

2) fatigue behavior of structures

3) Composite materials

 4) Finite Element Analysis

 5  Fatigue life prediction

 6)  Biomechanics, etc.

top publication

1. A.H. Ertas, Y. Yılmaz, C. Baykara, "An Investigation Of The Effect Of The Gap Values Between The Overlap Portions Of The Spot-Welded Pieces On Fatigue Life",P I MECH ENG C-J MEC (SCI), 881-889, 2008.

2. A.H. Ertas, F.O.Sonmez, "A Parametric Study On Fatigue Strength Of Spot-Weld Joints", FATIGUE FRACT ENG M (SCI), 766-776, 2008.

3. A.H. Ertas, O.Vardar,F.O.Sonmez,Z.Solim, "Measurement And Assessment Of Fatigue Life Of Spot-Weld Joints", J ENG MATER-T ASME (SCI), Article No: 011011, 2009.

4. A.H. Ertas, F.O.Sonmez, "Optimization of Spot-Weld Joints", P I MECH ENG C-J MEC (SCI), 545-555, 2009.

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6. A.H. Ertas, F.O.Sonmez, "Design Optimization of Spot-Welded Plates for Maximum Fatigue Life", FINITE ELEM ANAL DES (SCI), 413-423, 2011.

7. A.H. Ertas, K.Winwood, P.Zioupos, J.R.Cotton, "Simulation of Creep in Non-Homogenous Samples of Human Cortical Bone", COMPUT METHOD BIOMEC (SCI), 1121-1128, 2012.

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