Lawrence Gettleman



Lawrence Gettleman completed his Postgraduation from University of Missouri at Rolla in the year 1967-1968. Got dental licensure Commonwealth of Massachusetts, No. 10386,  1966,State of Missouri, No. LICENSURE:10891, 1968.   State of Louisiana, No. 3229,  1976, present State of Florida, No. 4094, 1966.  Commonwealth of Kentucky, No. 6424, 1990.Worked as Associate Professor and Head, Department of Biomaterials, Louisiana State University  School of Dentistry, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1976 80.  Associate Clinical Professor, 1980.  Tenured September 1, 1978.


Area of Interest

1) Prosthodontics
2) RestorativeDentistry
3) Maxillofacial Prosthetics

top publication

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16) Gettleman, L. More on ZOE-EBA Cements. Letter to the editor. J. Amer. Dent. Assoc. 95(4): 671, 1977.

1) Nominated for Provost’s Award in Exemplary Advising, University of Louisville, 2005.

2) Forum Fellow, The Courier-Journal, editorial board contributor, Louisville, Kentucky, 2005.

3) Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Science Fair Program Support and Promotion, by the American Dental Association on behalf of the Louisville Dental Society, 2005, 2014.