Anne OFarrell



Dr. Anne O’Farrell is currently working as an epidemiologist/biostatistician in Health Intelligence within the Health and Wellbeing Directorate of the Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland..Anne has a PhD in Epidemiology from the Department of Public Health and Primary Care, Trinity College in 2010 and a Masters in Epidemiology in the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). Anne has over a decade of experience working in epidemiology, public health and health service research. Anne has varied interests in population health including, alcohol misuse, alcohol-related harms, diabetes, care of the elderly and preventative medicine. Much of her work has been published in national and international peer-reviewed journals.


Area of Interest

1) Epidemiologist
2)Alcohol misuse
3) Alcohol-related harms
4) Diabetes

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