Feras Hawari



Dr. Feras Hawari, MD, FCCP is the Director of the CCO in addition to his other duties as Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Service and Director of the Respiratory Unit. He also serves as the Regional Director for Global Bridges in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. Before joining KHCC, he worked at the Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Branch (PCCMB) at the U.S National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) at the U.S National Institute of Health (NIH). At KHCC Dr. Hawari established and currently heads the in-patient (consult) and out-patient TDT service at KHCC, is the lead trainer in KHCC\'s tobacco dependence treatment training in the Eastern Mediterranean region, and technically supervised development of the Jordan Guidelines for Tobacco Dependence Treatment. He also heads the committee for Smokefree Certificate Program, and is active in research on tobacco control and has presented KHCC\'s work in several international forums. Dr. Hawari represents KHCC on the National Tobacco Control Committee, on the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Alliance against Cancer, is a board member of treatobacco.net, and on the International Consortium interested in generating a body of knowledge on water-pipe and its harms on global health. Dr. Hawari is an expert consultant on cancer control for the WHO and for the International Atomic Energy Agency and a temporary advisor for the WHO on a new advisory note on Waterpipe tobacco smoking. He is board certified in internal medicine, clinical pharmacology, pulmonary diseases, and critical care medicine. He is a fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians.


Area of Interest

1) cancer
2) Internal medicine,
3) clinical pharmacology,
4) pulmonary diseases,

top publication

1. Characteristics and Outcomes of Acinetobacter baumannii Infections in Critically Ill Patients with Cancer: A Matched Case–Control Study . LH Nazer, A Kharabsheh, D Rimawi, S Mubarak, F Hawari. Microbial Drug Resistance. (in press)
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