Javad Dehghani



Dr.seyed Javad Dehghani is the chief of hematology and blood banking section and the director of the Dr. Neshat Laboratory, Shiraz, Iran.He is a graduate of Tehran University, Iran, where he completed master degree (M.A) of Laboratory Hematology and Blood banking. He worked as research assistant in some research centers such as Hematology Research Center, Shariati Hospital, Tehran and Hematology research center, Namazi Hospital, Shiraz. He studied on Leishmania , Leukemia, Anemia and Homeostasis and he published some papers in these areas. Dr.Dehghani thesis was \"Determination of MRD (minimal Residual Disease) in patients with AML- M3 after Arsenic therapy, by Reverse transcription Quantitative PCR\"


Area of Interest

1) Leukemia, specially all and molecular studies in this area
2) Anemia specially Hemolytic Anemia
3) Homeostasis.

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