Martyn S. Green

Associate Professor/ Director


Dr.Martyn S. Green, is an active review member for Journal of the California Dental Association Editorial from 1997-present.Has done research on A Novel Approach to Assess Periodontal Disease Severity Using Volumetric Analysis, Loma Linda University.  Primary Investigator, Mentor for MSD Dr. Meera Maveli submitted 2014.He is a member of American Dental Association,Fellow, American College of Dentistry, American Academy of Periodontology.Recently received Educator of the year award American Academy of Periodontology, Loma Linda 2012.


Area of Interest

1) ImplantDentistry
2) Periodontology

top publication

1) Educator of the year award American Academy of Periodontology, Loma Linda 2012
2) Fellowship, American College of Dentist 2002
3) Fellowship in the Pierre Fauchard Academy 2001
4)Century Club Achievement Award 1986