Johan Bengzon



I have been active in research in the neuroscience field since 1988. The work has mainly been pre-clinically oriented but since 2004, after obtaining licence as consultant neurosurgeon I have conducted translational studies. My initial interest during the early 90ies was directed towards plastic changes in the brain, in particular epilepsy and stroke. Transplantation of fetal inhibitory neurons in animal models of epilepsy was also a prominent line of research. After my dissertation 1992, I did a post-doc at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke with focus on brain stem cells. I am a research group leader at the Lund Stem Cell Center since 2004. Our group does neurooncological research in collaboration with oncologists and neuroradiologists. The work aims to develop cellular vectors for gene therapy of malignant brain tumors. In two experimental studies, we have shown powerful anti-tumor effects. The work is directed towards a clinical application. I am also responsible for establishing a brain tumor biobank. In addition I am involved in clinical translation of gene therapy of epilepsy.


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