Jyoti Bhojwani



I’m presently working with department of Genetics/Bioinformatics/ Principal Investigator of the M.Tech Research Programs (Bio-Informatics) at University of Indore, India. I obtained B.Sc.(Bachelors degree) in Biological Sciences/Chemistry/Physics, M.Sc.(Master’s degree) in Life-Sciences, and Doctoral degree (Ph.D.) at School of Life-Sciences, University Of Indore. I pursued my post-doctoral ventures at Max-Planck Institute For Biophysical Chemistry (FRG), University Of California-Irvine and University Of Pittsburgh (USA). Currently, my projects mainly focus on translational-research and extrapolation of basic developmental mechanisms from model-systems like fruitfly (Drosophila) to human. Apart from this, my thrust areas of research interest include; Cancer Biology, Stem-Cell Biology and Homeotic-Gene Regulation. I’m basically keen on studying in details the genetic factors, which will presumably aid in understanding of mechanism by which “cancer stem cells” function in transforming a tissue from normal to cancerous states. My research has a motive to further facilitate the perception of stem cell potential/mechanistic in areas of Regenerative Medicine, Translational Research and Anti-cancer therapy. Being involved in Clinical informatics, my students are also training a Cancer model and a Stem cell model, deploying Systems Biology approach and other Gene-Networking BioInformatics tools. This novel area of research will hopefully lead to further understanding the tipping of balance from a stem cell/normal cell to a transformed cancer cell.


Area of Interest

Developmental Biology
Regenerative Medicine
Translational Research

top publication

1. Jyoti Bhojwani, Amit Singh, Leonie Misquitta, Arati Mishra and Pradip Sinha (1995) Search for Drosophila genes based on patterned expression of mini-white reporter gene of a P lacW vector in adult eyes. Roux\'s Arch Dev Biol 205: 114-121.
2. Jyoti Bhojwani, L.S.Shashidhara and Pradip Sinha (1997) Requirement of teashirt function during cell fate specification in developing head structures in Drosophila. Dev Genes Evol [formerly Roux\'s Arch Dev Biol] 207: 137-146.
3. Arati Mishra, Namita Agrawal, Swati Banerjee, Dyuti Sardesai, Jasbir Singh Dalal, Jyoti Bhojwani and Pradip Sinha (2001). Spatial regulation of Delta expression mediates Notch signaling for segmentation of Drosophila legs. Mechs Dev 105: 115-127.
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10. Jyoti Bhojwani (2012). Hox genes: “The Architects of Body Design”. Journal of Scientific Review 4 (1) : 176-182.
http://www.srbmag.org/index.php/srbmag/article/viewFile/128/pdf_4 .
11. S.Jalan, C.Y.Ung, J.Bhojwani, B. Li, L. Zhang, S. H. Lan, Z. Gong. (2012). Spectral Analysis of Gene Co-expression Network of Zebrafish. EPL (EuroPhysicsLetters) 99: 48004-48010. http://arxiv.org/pdf/1208.4668v1.pdf and http://people.iiti.ac.in/~sarika/Supplement.pdf
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17. Jyoti Bhojwani (communicated-JSCRT). “Comparative expression profiling reveals a critical temporal requirement of CKI and hDlg in developing colorectal carcinomas”.
18. Amogh Bhatnagar and Jyoti Bhojwani (communicated-IEEE). Designing a Computational Algorithm using “Biological Pattern Formation”.
In Preparation:
19. Raghav Upadhayay and Jyoti Bhojwani. Designing a Potential Drug for ‘Swine Flu’ by Optimization of Lead Compound/s. (in prep).
20. Akshay Katiyar and Jyoti Bhojwani. Construction of A Cancer-Model (colorectal) by Deploying Systems Biology Approach. (in prep).
21. Arpita Anchliya and Jyoti Bhojwani. Computational Annotation and microRNA (miRNA) Chip Designing of Hepatitis C. (in prep).
22. Genius Yadav and Jyoti Bhojwani. A Computational Approach of Bio-Intelligence in Microsystems. (in prep).
Grant Proposals / Scientific Contributions:
2000 - Training Grant Proposal (UC-Irvine): Homologs of Drosophila Tumor Suppressors in Human Cancers.
2001 - POI Grant Proposal (UC-Irvine): Human Dlg (Discs large) and CKI (Casein Kinase) as potential tumor suppressors in colorectal cancer.
2003-2004 (PDC, MWRI, Univ.Pittsburgh): Fertility after cancer treatment.
2008 - DST Fast Track/ Women’s Scientist Scheme (School of Life Sciences, DAVV, Indore): Identification and Characterization of Cancer Stem Cells in Drosophila.
2009 - DBT Proposal for the BioInformatics Lab (School of Computer Sciences, DAVV, Indore): Developing a Database for Potential Drug Targets for Cancer.
2005 - Serving as a science correspondent at Current Science and as a science editor/abstract writer for shvoong.com, the worldwide abstract site.
2006 - Executive Team (Life Science Foundation, India)
Listed in IAS Fellows Publications List: http://repository.ias.ac.in/view/divisions/Animal=5FPlant.html
Literary Accomplishments:
2005 - Poetry “The Beginning” published in “Eternal Portraits” by International Society of Poets.
2005 - Poetry “Don’t Kill the World” nominated for the “Best Amateur Poet of the Year Award”/ Editor’s Choice Award by International Society of Poets (Convention-August 19th -21st, ’05, Washington DC, USA).
*Current active writing member of: WriterstoYou.com
*Contributed to the Book “Words Across the World”