Victor Kok

Assistant Professor


Dr. Victor C. Kok, MMedSc, MD, Ph.D., FACP, is the cancer center chief medical officer and medical oncology division chief, of Kuang Tien General Hospital, Taichung, Taiwan which has an intake of over 1,200 new cancer patients each year. He obtained his MD degree and subsequently, MMedSc from Chung Shan Medical University, Taiwan. Dr. Kok got his Ph.D. degree from the Department of the Biomedical Informatics at Asia University Taiwan. Victor Kok trained as a medical oncologist at the Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center, Taipei; certified in Medical Oncology Certification Exam at the European Society for Medical Oncology. He set up the Medical Oncology program at Changhua Christian Hospital, Changhua. And later on, he joined Asia University as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Kok is awarded Fellow of the American College of Physician (FACP). Dr. Kok actively participates as a reviewer in more than 40 SCI journals. He is currently an Academic Section Editor of Medicine (Baltimore) (JIF: 2.028); a Review Editor for Frontiers in Oncology (JIF: 4.416) and Frontiers in Pharmacology (JIF: 3.831); and an Editor for World Journal of Clinical Oncology (ESCI). In the field of palliative care, Dr. Kok is a co-sponsor at the establishment of the Taiwan Academy of Hospice Palliative. Dr. Kok is a member of American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), Japan Cancer Association, International Epidemiology Association, Taiwan Society of Internal Medicine, Taiwan Association of Evidence-based Medicine and the Taiwan Oncology Society. VC Kok's research interests include cancer epidemiology, bioinformatics, medical oncology, internal medicine, palliative care and clinical and population-based disease informatics. Dr. Kok is attending the Cancer Biology & Therapeutics (CBT): High-Impact Cancer Research (HICR) postgraduate certificate program 2018/2019 at Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts..


Area of Interest

Cancer Center Administration
Hospice Ward Administration
Team building
Population-based informatics research
DryLab research

top publication

1. Kok VC, Horng JT, Hung GD, Xu JL, Hung TW, Chen C-Y, Chen JL: Risk of autoimmune disease in adults with chronic insomnia requiring sleep-inducing pills: a population-based longitudinal study. Journal of General Internal Medicine 2016:In Print.
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