Wael Abu Dayyih

Associate Professor


Wael Abu Dayyih is a Associate Professor in University of Petra. He completed his Ph.D State University of Moldova in Moldova.


Area of Interest

Quality Control Reseach Method Developments and Validation Methods In Pharmaceutical Industry

Drug –Drug Interactions andanalysis ion-selective electrodes and electrochemistry in Pharmaceutical analysis synthesis new product and their analysis. 

top publication

1. Sally Oumeish , Eyad Mallah, Wael Abu Dayyih , Mohammed Hamad , Walid Abu Rayyan , Mona Bustami and Tawfiq Arafat "Serum concentrations of magnesium among Jordanians: Effect of cardiovascular disease on magnesium levels" Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 2015, 7(11):499-503

2. Wael Abu Dayyih · Lina Tamimi · Eyad Mallah · Tawfiq Arafat ·Kenza Masour · Mona Bustami

3 " Saxagliptin Levels and its Pharmacokinetic Application in Presence of Sucralose in Animals Serum by HPLC Method " International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Vol.7,No.9, Innovare Academic Sciences, USA-India, 09/01/2015

3. Wael Abu Dayyih, Lina Tamimi, Eyad Mallah,Nidal Qinna, Tawfiq Arafat, " Pioglitazone HCl Levels and Its Pharmacokinetic Application in Presence of Sucralose in Animals Serum by HPLC Method " , "Pharm Anal Acta ",Vol.5,No.(318)2, OMICS Group, California ,USA, 12/05/2014.

4- Riad Awad, Eyad Mallah, Faisal Al-akayleh, Tawfiq Arafat, Bayan Alkhawaja, Kenza Mansoor,Wael Abu Dayyih, " Determination of Hydrolysis Parameters of Yohimbine HCl at Neutral and Slightly Acidic Medium " , "International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences",Vol.5,No.7, , India, 05/03/2015.

5- Wael Abu Dayyih · AF Salem · D El Tannir · E Mallah · M Hamad ·N Idkaidek · T Arafat Intravenous pethidine should not be used as an analgesic in labour: results of a prospective single dose stud; BJOG-AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNAECOLOGY, USA; 04/2015

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