Ibrahim Aboyadak

Specialist in fish disease lab


Ibrahim Aboyadak, was born in august 1978, earned Bachelor of veterinary medicine science (B.V.Sc.),Tanta University, Egypt in 2001,Diploma in animal microbiology, Mansura University 2009, master degree inveterinary medicine science(Veterinary Pharmacology - Fish Pharmacology), Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt in 2011 and Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph. D.)in veterinary medicine science, (Veterinary Pharmacology – Fish Pharmacology)Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt in 2014. Current job is specialist in fish disease lab at National institute of Oceanography and fishery, Alexandria, Egypt. Previous job was Head of fish diseases department in Veterinary medicine directorate of Kafrelsheikh. He assist in the experimental work of a number of masters and doctoral theses and researches in veterinary pharmacology and fish diseases and management. He also, designed and developed research plans for number of theses and scientific researches.


Area of Interest

1)Diagnosis of fish diseases ,deal with outbreaks in tilapia farms in Egypt
2)Isolation and identification of bacterial, fungal and parasitic etiological agents causes fish diseases.

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