Lianbo Yu

Assistant Professor


Lianbo Yu is a research assistant professor at the Center for Biostatistics in the Department of Biomedical Informatics at The Ohio State University. Dr. Yu earned both his Ph.D. and M.S. degree in Statistics at Purdue University, where his research focuses on developing advanced statistical methods for high-throughput biomedical data. He started his career at the Center for Biostatistics as a biostatistician, and has worked on collaborative research on various human diseases (cancer, HIV, etc.).Dr. Yu’s research focus is to answer genomic based biological questions by utilizing high-throughput genomic data. He is currently interested in (1) variance smoothing for testing differential expression in NGS data, (2) sample size calculation for NGS data, (3) data integration of multiple genotypes and multiple platforms, (4) prediction models with biomarkers.


Area of Interest

Biomedical experimental design, biomedical data modeling, disease diagnosis and prognosis using biomarkers.
experimental design, biomedical data modeling, disease diagnosis and prognosis using biomarkers.

top publication

1. Hunter MP, Ismail N, Zhang X, Aguda BD, Lee EJ,Yu L, Xiao T, Schafer J, Lee ML, Schmittgen TD, Nana-Sinkam SP, Jarjoura D, Marsh CB. Detection of microRNA expression in human peripheral blood microvesicles. PLoS ONE , 2008; 3(11):e3694.

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