Anthony Palmieri

Associate Professor


Presently on the faculty at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy in the Department of Pharmaceutics. Author of over 80 publications and presentations on harmaceutics,intellectual property, dosage forms, dissolutions, pharmacy education and the history of pharmacy.
Has interacted extensively with USAN and WHO to obtain non-proprietary names for Pharmacia and Upjohn.PastChairman of the USAN Council.Presently on the USAN review board. Consultant and Expert Witness on patent litigation involving dose forms, excipients, bioequivalence, and dissolution for numerous litigations. Expert witness before the Office of Generic Drugs.
Twenty-five years of progressive responsibilities in an intellectual property management and technology transfer position coupled with fifteen years as a professor of pharmaceutics at major universities. Demonstrated and proven ability to set a vision, goals and direction of a department. Demonstrated leadership skills in a departmental and organizational setting. President of a national scientific academy and a major inter-fraternal organization including setting a vision and goals for these organizations during a critical growth period.
Successfully led projects across management lines where reporting relationships were often difficult to establish, no precedent existed and the use of creative problem solving and communication skills were necessary.


Area of Interest

• Dose Form Design
• Dissolution
• Pharmaceutical Patents
• Microencapsulation and Other Sustained Release Delivery Systems
• Drug Release from Suppositories
• History of Pharmacy
• Development of Student Experiments for the Laboratory
• Development and Evaluation of Student Admission Methods
• Industrial Academic Interactions

top publication

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