David Malin


Houston, Texas


David Malin earned a B.A. in Biology from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Psychobiology from the University of Michigan. After several years as a Research Associate at Baylor College of Medicine, he became a founding faculty member of University of Houston-Clear Lake, where he is currently Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience. His research concerns the preclinical behavioral pharmacology of drug dependence and memory. He introduced some of the most widely employed rodent models of nicotine dependence. Using these models, he explored the role of various transmitters, receptors and enzymes in nicotine withdrawal syndrome. Another series ofresearch publications has elucidated the role of non-opioid peptides, such as neuropeptide FF, in opiate tolerance and dependence. Still other publications explored the potential of immunization against addictive drugs. Recently, he helped create a NIDA-funded prototypecomputerized system to lead investigators through the design of rigorous and replicable preclinical experiments on drug dependence.


Area of Interest

Nicotine dependence and withdrawal syndrome
Endogenous opiates and nicotine
Serotonin receptors and nicotine
Gender, estrous cycle and withdrawal syndromes
Opiate dependence and withdrawal syndrome
Opiate tolerance
Neuropeptide FF and related peptides in drug dependence
Immunization against addictive drugs
Behavioral pharmacology of memory

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