Ejaz Ahmad

Research Associate


Ejaz Ahmad, is a Sr. Staff Scientist at the University of Michiagn, Ann Arbor, MI, USA. He is working on the anticancer and antiaging drug discovery as well as regulation of mitotic cell division. He received his PhD in Biotechnology in 2012 from Aligarh Muslim University, India on ‘Ligand-induced conformational alterations in single and multichain proteins. He published over 37 research and review articles, book chapters, pdb enteries and 3 patents accumulating with 2922 citations, 28 h-index and 41 i10-index. Currently he is involved in elucidating the mechanism of open to closed conformational interconversion in Mad2, a key component of mitotic checkpoint complex. Protein structure, protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions are his main research interests.


Area of Interest

Protein biochemistry.
Protein physico-chemical characterization structural biology.
Protein-ligand/protein-drug/protein-eptide/protein-protein interaction.
Protein folding/unfolding/misfolding or aggregation.
Conformational stability of biomolecules.
Molecular assembly.
Protein structure-function relationship.
Molecular modeling and docking.
Cell Cycle/Division Regulation.
Mitotic Checkpoint.
Chromosome segregation.

drug discovery

top publication

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