Veerendra Kumar Arumalla

Assistant Professor


Veerendra Kumar Arumalla a Doctor with MBBS, MD Biochemistry, Dip Diabetology. Currently is as Assistant Professor. He has got NABL exposure and experience in managing clinical Chemistry laboratory as per ISO 15189 and NABL guidelines,ICMR guide for STS project.


Area of Interest

Cardiovascular Disease
Diabtes & Obesity

top publication

1. Veerendra Kumar Arumalla, Routhu Kathyaini. Serum high sensitivity C- reactive protein in different grades of obesity. RJPBCS, Oct-Dec 2011; Vol-2, Issue 4, Page No 1041-1046.
2. Veerendra Kumar Arumalla and K. Rajashekar Reddy. Plasma Homocysteine and traditional risk factors in young acute myocardial infarction patients. IJABPT-2011, Vol-2, Issue-4, Page No 54 to 57.
3. Veerendra Kumar Arumalla, Nutakki Vani, J. Rama Rao. Dose-dependent impacts on the diagnostic efficacies of atherogenic lipids in adult Indian smokers. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2011 November (Suppl-2), Vol-5(7): 1352-1355.
4. Veerendra Kumar Arumalla, Routhu Kathyaini. CRP - a target for therapy in human disease? International Journal of Biomedical and Advance Research. (2012) 03(02), page No 77-81.
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6. Veerendra Kumar Arumalla, G. Narender, R.Kathyaini, A. Puuliah.Sensitivity Specificity and Diagnostic Efficacy of Serum Sialic Acid as a Biochemical Marker in Alcohol Abuse; British Journal of Medical Practitioners, June 2012, Volume 5, Number 2: a 517.
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