M.Rufus Kitto

Assistant Professor


Dr.Kitto acquired his B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in Botany from Scott Christian College (Estd.1893), Nagercoil, South India with conventional and alternate live feed resource nutrition, quality and quantity as the principal theme of education and research. After a series of aquacultural exposure abroad in Sri Lanka, Egypt, Belgium, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom he had a brief stint with the corporate aquacultural conglomerates like Thapar Group in India before joining a FAO aquaculture project (UTF /SAU/017/SAU) in Jeddah (FFC-MAW), Saudi Arabia. Following an aquaculture expert assignment in Hadramaut, Yemen, as Pisciculturist with Asmak, Dubai, UAE, Dr.Kitto was responsible for biomonitoring studies for enhanced bloom forecast protection for the open sea finfish cage farm. After a rigorous finfish (Sparid / Serranid) hatchery production company program for four years in Kuwait, he joined Al Oula group, Kuwait for marine ecology and environment consulting services in Kuwait and Iran. Having had a new debut as Asst. Research Scientist with Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), Environmental Sciences department for bioassay projects in the ROPME sea area, he also served a company secondment as in-kind contribution to Mariculture and Fisheries Department, KISR for a project on Dunaliella productivity in Kuwait as Aquatic Scientist and then relocated to Al Futaisi island, Abu Dhabi, UAE for open pond expansion of Dunaliella for 40 ha on a royal technical assignment. With the Faculty of Marine Sciences, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, he was a key analyst for aquaculture trends, dynamics, new species and technologies, besides being a prolific Science writer for key popular publications. As an Associate for Sea cucumber Consultancy, Australia, his fund of knowledge production and sharing on benthic diatoms is persistent. Currently Dr.Kitto serves the FAO of the UN in the Middle East as Aquaculture Administrator. Profiling 25 years in the maricultural environment, he has a vision for achieving new frontiers in the industrial potential of unutilized microalgae for novelty compounds.


Area of Interest

1)Micro Agriculture
2)FinFish / Shellfish Early Larviculture
3) Environmental Sciences
4)Marine Agronomy 

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