Adel Gouri

Research scientist


Adel Gouri  has completed his Pharm.D and Clinical Biochemistry Specialization in 2008 from Badji-Mokhtar University, School of Medicine (Annaba, Algeria). He is currently Lecturer and Research scientist in College of Medicine, Annaba. He was working as Head of Laboratory of Medical Biochemistry in Ibn Zohr Public Hospital, Guelma. His research goals are : Cancer Biology and Research of new Biomarkers of cancers, Cardiovascular Biomarkers, Atherosclerosis and diabetes-related research, Biomarkers and Cardiovascular Diseases in Hemodialysis patients, Biomarkers in Early Diagnosis of Hematologic malignancies.  Based on this research and training in cancer biology and cardiovascular biology he has received several awards and honors, and is serving one of the active members of the ; Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease EASD Study Group, European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), the Working Group on Myocardial Function, European Society of Cardiology (ESC), the Working Group on Atherosclerosis and Vascular Biology, European Society of Cardiology (ESC), the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). He has authored more than 20 research articles, 01 books/chapters. He is also chairman of the International Board of Biochemistry, Clinical Chemistry, Pathobiochemistry,  and fellow of the World Academy of Medical Sciences (WAMS).


Area of Interest

Cancer Biology and Research of new Biomarkers of cancers, Cardiovascular Biomarkers, Atherosclerosis and diabetes-related research, Biomarkers and Cardiovascular Diseases in Hemodialysis patients, Biomarkers in Early Diagnosis of Hematologic malignancies.

top publication

Journal Publications

Wissem Abdaoui, Nizar M Mhaidat, Ilhem Mokhtari, Adel Gouri: Effect of Leptin Gene Methylation on Colorectal Cancer Chemoresistance.

Adel Gouri, Aoulia Dekaken, Aleksandra Klisic, Arifa Aissaoui, Mohamed Chefrour, Régis Guieu, Sadek Benharkat: Urokinase Plasminogen Activator System and Hematologic Malignancies: Potential Role in Diagnosis and Therapy.

Gouri A, Dekaken A, Chefrour M, Guieu R: Epigenetics and Diabetes: Current and Perspective.

Adel Gouri: Epigenetics and pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes.

Adel Gouri, Aoulia Dekaken, Mohamed Chefrour, Régis Guieu, Sadek Benharkat, Mohamed Bouchareb: Predictive Biomarkers of Thromboembolic Events in Cancer.

Wissem Abdaoui, Ilhem Mokhtari, Adel Gouri, Benouareth Djamel: Study of Germs Responsible of Nosocomial Infections in Hospital of Guelma.

Adel Gouri Aoulia Dekaken: Molecular Monitoring of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML): A Current Perspective. 01/2015; 03(02). DOI:10.4172/2329-8790.1000e118

A Gouri, A Dekaken: P492 * Association of oxidative stress and cardiovascular risk in hemodialysis patients: role of Ferritin. Cardiovascular Research 07/2014; 103(suppl 1):S90. DOI:10.1093/cvr/cvu091.166

Aoulia Dekaken, Adel Gouri, Ahmed Aimen Bentorki, Amina Yakhlef: Knee brown tumor revealing a primary hyperparathyroidism: A case report. 04/2014; 72(2):245-8. DOI:10.1684/abc.2014.0934

A Touaref, Aa Bentorki, A Gouri, A Yakhlef: Study of human brucellosis in Guelma (Algeria) : About 51 cases.

Adel Gouri, Aoulia Dekaken, Ahmed Aimen Bentorki, Amel Touaref: Serum Uric Acid Level and Cardiovascular Risks in Hemodialysis Patients: An Algerian Cohort Study. Clinical laboratory 01/2014; 60(5):751-758.

Adel Gouri Amel Bouacha: Proteasome Activity as New Approach to the Management of Multiple Myeloma. 01/2014; 02(04). DOI:10.4172/2329-8790.1000e114

Adel Gouri, Aoulia Dekaken, Mohamed Chefrour, Ahmed Aimen Bentorki, Amina Yakhlef, Mehdi Beleilli, Faiza Mehiddine: Hematologic Malignancies Therapy and Cardiotoxicity: New Biomarkers. 01/2014; 02(02). DOI:10.4172/2329-8790.1000e110

Adel Gouri: Cereblon as a Predictive Biomarker for Imid Therapy Sensitivity. 01/2014; 02(03). DOI:10.4172/2329-8790.1000e112

Ahmed Aimen Bentorki, Adel Gouri, Amina Yakhlef, Amel Touaref, Takieddine Bensouilah, Abderrahim Gueroudj: Propionibacterium avidum cutaneous abscess in a young immunocompetent. Annales de biologie clinique 12/2013; 71(6):703-706. DOI:10.1684/abc.2013.0909

Nabil Abdel-Hamid, Taghreed Al Jubori, Amaal Farhan, Mariam Mahrous, Adel Gouri, Ezzat Awad, Johannes Breuss: Underlying Pathways for Interferon Risk to Type II Diabetes Mellitus. Current diabetes reviews 10/2013; 9(6). DOI:10.2174/15733998113096660080

Ahmed Aimen Bentorki, Adel Gouri, Amel Touaref, Aoulia Dekaken, Amina Yakhlef: Campylobacter fetus bacteremia complicating a dysenteric syndrome in a young epileptic. 10/2013; 71(5):587-589. DOI:10.1684/abc.2013.0887

A. Dekaken, A. Gouri, S. Rouabhia, A. Yakhlef, A.A. Bentorki: Cirrhose révélant une maladie cœliaque silencieuse : à propos d’un cas. Immuno-analyse & Biologie Spécialisée 04/2013; 28(s 2–3):137–139. DOI:10.1016/j.immbio.2012.11.005

A. Gouri, A. Dekaken, S. Rouabhia, A.A. Bentorki, A. Yakhlef: Transaminases profile in Algerian patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Immuno-analyse & Biologie Spécialisée 02/2013; 28(1):25–29. DOI:10.1016/j.immbio.2012.07.021

A A Bentorki, A Gouri, A Touaref, A Dekaken, A Yakhlef: Campylobacter fetus bacteremia complicating a dysenteric syndrome in a young epileptic [Bactériémie à Campylobacter fetus compliquant un syndrome dysentérique chez un jeune épileptique]. Annales de biologie clinique 01/2013; 71(5):587-589.

Adel Gouri: Polycythemia Vera and Acute Coronary Syndromes: Pathogenesis, Risk Factors and Treatment. 01/2013; 1(2):107. DOI:10.4172/jhtd.1000107

A. Gouri, A. Dekaken, A. Yakhlef, A.A. Bentorki, N. Kouicem: Non-high-density-lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol in Algerian hemodialysis patients. Immuno-analyse & Biologie Spécialisée 12/2012; 27(6):357–361. DOI:10.1016/j.immbio.2012.05.008

Ahmed Aimen Bentroki, Adel Gouri, Amina Yakhlef, Amel Touaref, Abderrahim Gueroudj, Takieddine Bensouilah: Antibiotic resistance of strains isolated from community acquired urinary tract infections between 2007 and 2011 in Guelma (Algeria). Annales de biologie clinique 12/2012; 70(6):666-668. DOI:10.1684/abc.2012.0760

Adel Gouri, Amina Yakhlef, Aoulia Dekaken, Ahmed Aymen Bentorki: Acute myocardial infarction revealing a polycythemia vera. 07/2012; 70(4):489-91. DOI:10.1684/abc.2012.0735

Adel Gouri, Aoulia Dekaken: A comparison of corrected serum calcium levels to ionized calcium levels in haemodialysis patients. Annales de biologie clinique 03/2012; 70(2):210-2. DOI:10.1684/abc.2012.0693

M. Bouadam, A. Gouri, S. Benharkat: A023 Determination du taux de la Lp(a) chez une population jeune. Archives of Cardiovascular Diseases 03/2009; 102. DOI:10.1016/S1875-2136(09)72156-4

Conference Proceedings

A Gouri, A Dekaken, A Yakhlef, A A Bentorki, N M Abdel-Hamid: CANCER BIOMARKERS: EMERGING ROLE OF NANOTECHNOLOGIES. First International Conference on Renewable Energies and Nanotechnology impact on Medicine and Ecology; 03/2013

Adel Gouri: Hematology-2013 TE-MPN-Thrombotic events in myeloproliferative neoplasms: JAK2V617F mutation as a predictive marker. International Conference on Hematology & Blood Disorders, USA; 01/2013