Hamid Omidian

Associate Professor


Dr. Omidian (Ph.D. in chemical engineering, polymer science), served in both academia and industry for about 25 years. He joined Purdue University in 2001, and pursued his research fellowship in the department of industrial and physical pharmacy. He joined industry in 2002 and served at different professional positions (senior research scientist, research manager, and principal scientist) at Kos Pharmaceuticals and Abbott Laboratories before joining Nova Southeastern University in 2007. He is currently serving as an associate professor at NSU’s college of pharmacy, and as an associate editor and editorial board member of several journals. Dr. Omidian has over 120 peer-reviewed publications and presentations, is an author and co-author of dozens book chapters and books, and holding 3 US patents and over 10 US and world patent applications. He is also recipient of many research and teaching awards, including Golden Apple in Teaching. His major research areas are hydrogels for pharmaceutical and biomedical applications, gastric retention drug delivery and abuse-deterrent pharmaceutical dosage forms.


Area of Interest

1. Abuse-Deterrent Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms
2. Drug Delivery Systems and Technologies
3. Gastro-Retentive Drug Delivery Systems
4. Proof of Concept Studies,Hydrogels
5. Pharmaceutical Polymers and Excipients
6. Drug Product Development,Food
7. Pharmaceutical and Biomaterial Polymers
8. Microencapsulation
9. Experimental Design and Analysis.

top publication

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