Khosro Adibkia

Associate Professor



Area of Interest

• Novel Drug Delivery systems e.g. Pharmaceutical nanotechnology, microsystems as well as pulsatile systems
• Modification of drug solubility and dissolution via physical and technological means e.g. cosolvency, solid dispersions, matrix, pulsatile and spray drying formulations.

top publication

1. Shokri J., Adibkia K., Application of Cellulose and Cellulose Derivatives in Pharmaceutical Industries In: van de Ven T., Godbout L., (Eds.), Cellulose – Medical, Pharmaceutical and Electronic Applications, InTech Open Access Publisher, Croatia, 2013, 47-66.
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2. Adibkia K., Barzegar-Jalali M., Shokri J., Solduzian M., Javadzadeh Y., Effect of solvent type on retardation properties of diltiazem HCl form liquisolid tablets, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 2014, 113: 10-14. (ISI)
3. Adibkia K., Ghanbarzadeh S., Shokri MH., Arami Z., Arash Z., Shokri J., Micro-porous surfaces in controlled drug delivery systems: Design and evaluation of diltiazem hydrochloride controlled porosity osmotic pump using non-ionic surfactants as pore-former, Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, 2014, 19 (4), 507-512. (ISI)
4. Barzegar-Jalali M., Ghanbarzadeh S., Shokri J., Hasanzadeh D., Atapoor N., Sabzevari A., Adibkia K., Physicochemical characterization of naproxen solid dispersions prepared by cogrinding method, Pharmind (die pharmazeutische industrie) 2014, In Press. (ISI) [Corresponding author]
5. Javadzadeh Y., Monajjemzadeh F., Safaei E., Adibkia K., Release kinetics of sodium diclofenac from a controlled release device, Pharmind (die pharmazeutische industrie), 2014, In Press. (ISI) [Corresponding author]
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7. Adibkia K., Ghanbarzadeh S., Mohammadi G., Zolfaghari Khiavi H., Sabzevari A., Barzegar-Jalali M., Drug release kinetic analysis and prediction of release data via polymer molecular weight in sustained release diltiazem matrices, Drug Research, 2014, In Press. (ISI)
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