Xueliang Pan

Research Scientist


Dr. Xueliang (Jeff) Pan received his Ph.D. in Biostatistics from the Ohio State University, and subsequently joined the Center for Biostatistics at the OSU Medical Center as a Biostatistical Scientist since 2008. He discovered his biostatistical talent as a well-trained Engineer in Geotechnical Engineering, Chemical engineering, and Environmental Engineering, and a winner of the “Science and Technology Advance Award (Second Class)” by Zhejiang Province Science Council (China, 1997). Besides his biostatistics training, his rich background in various fields enabled him successfully collaborated with researchers in biomedical science and clinical study. He closely worked with investigators in designing of research protocols and clinical trials; developing statistical analysis method and modeling for complex biological/biomechanical process and bioinformatics data; collaborating on multiple grants funded through external peer-reviewed mechanisms. He has hold more than 10 research grants from NIH, DOD, and other sources, and has coauthored over 40 scientific papers.


Area of Interest

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