Ezi Akaji

Senior lecturer


Dr Ezi Abigail Akaji is a Senior lecturer/Consultant in Preventive and Public Health Dentistry at the College of Medicine, University of Nigeria and the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu-Nigeria. She joined the Institution in February 2006 after her undergraduate and postgraduate trainings at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos and the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Lagos with the award of Bachelor of Dental Surgery and Fellow of the West African College of Surgeons respectively. Her main area interests are prevention of oral diseases in communities, utilization of dental services and health behavioural studies in humans. Within this short period of service in the University of Nigeria, she has contributed to the propagation of oral health care and services in Nigeria and abroad via teaching, research and publications, presentation and reading of papers in conferences (local and international), and execution of community oral health awareness programmes with some giving birth to oral health centres (for primary oral health care delivery) in those communities


Area of Interest

1. Oral health care
2. Dental Surgery
3.Preventive Dentistry

top publication

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