David R. Black

Professor/ Associate Director


David R. (Randy) Black,is fellow of five different health organizations and has received ~40 federal, national, state, and university awards or recongitions for his contributions to public health and most recently in Homeland Security for service, scholarship, and grantsmanship. He has particpated in the publication of 11 books and 29 book chapters. He has published ~150 peer-review articles, participated in ~180 and another ~50 invited regional, national, and internation presentations, and has regulary submitted and been succesful in receiving grant funding. He completed his doctoral degree at Stanford University in Psychology and a Post Doctoral Fellowship at the Stanford Heart Disease Prevention Program and Laboratory for the Study of Behavioral Medicine at the Stanford School of Medicine. His specialization is behavioral epidemiology and behavioral medicine and applying concepts and principles of public health to a variety of disciples as well as over- and under-nutrition to promote “healthy” weight and homeland security as the Associate Director of the Purdue Homeland Security Institute, and as a veteran who completed 37+ years of service and as a graduate of the military’s most highest and prestigious academic program, the US Army War College. He is a full professor of public health and holds adjunct appointments in Nutrition Sciences, Health Sciences, and Nursing. 


Area of Interest

behavioral epidemiology, public health and prevention, design and analysis of health promotion interventions, service delivery of program interventions that follow Occam’s razor, and weight management and eating disorders.

top publication

1) Black, D.R.*, & Jeong, C.* (in progress). Eating disorder-related measures. Seoul Korea: Hansom Publishing Service.

2) Foster, E.A.*, Tindall, J.A.*, & Black, D.R.* (contracted awarded). Peer-based bullying prevention and intervention handbook for schools: Using peer-to-peer strategies for success. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

3) Dietz, J.E.*, & Black, D.R.* (eds., contracted awarded). Large event security planning for emergency management. New York, NY: CRC Press: Taylor & Francis Group.

4) Black, D.R.*, Sobiech, N.M., & Hill, B. (2013). Epidemiology for nursing practice and research. Oshtemo, MI: Center for Social Problem Solving and Measurement Press. ISBN#: 978-1480158030 Available only through Amazon.com.

5) Dietz, J.E., & Black, D.R* (Eds.) (2012). Pandemic.planning. New York, NY: CRC Press: Taylor & Francis Group. ISBN#: 978-1-4398-5765-6 (Hardback). Among the 10 top selling books.

6) Black, D.R.*, Foster, E.S*, & Tindall, J.A.* (2012). Evaluation of peer and prevention programs: A blueprint for successful design and implementation. New York, NY: Routledge: Taylor & Francis. ISBN# 978-0-415-88478-5.

7) Black, D.R.*, Smock, J.A., & Sobiech, N.M. (2012). The foundations of epidemiology (9th ed.). Oshtemo, MI: Center for Problem Solving and Measurement Press. (410 pp.). ISBN#: 13:978-1480158030. Available only through Amazon.com.

8) Black, D.R.*, & Deitz, J.E.* (2012). Epidemiology for public health practice. Oshtemo, MI: Center for Problem Solving and Measurement Press. (155 pp.). ISBN#: 978-0-9825374-5-9. 9) Black, D.R.*, Smock, J.A.*, & Ardaugh, B.M.* (2012). Principles of epidemiology (8th ed.). Oshtemo, MI: Center for Problem Solving and Measurement Press. (266 pp.). ISBN # 978-0-9825374-8-0.

10) Black, D.R.*, Ardaugh, B.M., & Smock, J.A. (2012). Principles of epidemiology (7th ed.). Oshtemo, MI: Center for Problem Solving and Measurement Press. ISBN # 978-0-9825374-7-3.

1) Fellow, Research Consortium, American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
2) Fellow, American Academy of Health Behavior
3) Fellow, Society of Behavioral Medicine
4) Fellow, American School Health Association
5)Fellow, American Association for Health Education

National Honorary Memberships
1) Delta Omega National Honor Society (Public Health)
2) Eta Sigma Gamma (National Professional Health Science Honorary)
3)Psi Chi (National Honor Society in Psychology)
4) Psi Kappa (National Honor Society)
5) Sigma Xi (The Scientific Research Society)