Brashears Mindy M

Professor and Director


Dr. Brashears conducts extensive validation studies with industry partners around the world. She leads international research teams of students and faculty to Mexico, Central and South America to improve food safety and security in these sectors and to set up sustainable agriculture systems in impoverished areas.  She teaches courses in food microbiology and food safety and offers industry training opportunities in HACCP, food sanitation, recalls and food security.  She is past-Chair of the National Alliance for Food Safety and Security and of the USDA multi-state research group, and involved in multiple professional groups.   She has received numerous awards including the AMSA achievement award and the Big 12 “Rising Star” award for excellence in technology transfer and commercialization.  She has an extensive publication record in peer reviewed journals and has been invited to speak at national and international events on the topics of her research.  Her research is the basis of multiple commercialized technologies currently used in the industry and she holds 11 patents for her work. 


Area of Interest

Dr. Brashears research program focuses on improving food safety standards to make an impact on public health in the US and globally.  Her work evaluates interventions in pre- and post-harvest environments and on the emergence of antimicrobial drug resistance in animal feeding systems. 

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