Ante Munjiza



Dr. Munjiza is one of the leading authorities in computational physics research. He is the inventor of the combined finite-discrete element method and a whole suit of related advanced solvers and visualisation solutions such as NBS, MR, etc. He has also invented a universal finite element based fluid solver dealing with all fluid flow regimes - from creep to hypersonic. In the field of nanotechnology he has developed a robust molecular dynamics based approach, which has been merged into the so called virtual experimentation platform. In the field of Continuum Mechanics, he has introduced an innovative approach to tensor quantities and large strain anisotropic solid deformation problems. He has also worked on a number of applied projects such as TURBOCARDIA blood pumping device (including DC electric motor for it) and nuclear fusion research. He has written seven books and over 300 scientific papers. He has delivered over 50 plenary and keynote lectures in countries ranging from Europe to USA, China, Japan, Australia, Israel, Brazil, and India. Some of his research results have been published in three monographs totalling over 1000 pages. He is in the process of writing another two monographs on computational fluids.He has been an efficient PhD supervisor and his past PhD students work in such prestigious places as Los Alamos National Laboratory and NASA.


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