Ako Faridi

Research Scientist


Ako Faridi, PhD of poultry nutrition. His main areas of interest are nutrition and modeling, and application of mathematical models in animal nutrition. He had published over 20 papers in top journals. He had reviewer for high quality journals including Poultry Science, Journal of Agricultural Science, Annals of Animal Science, and etc. Familiar with review and publication process.


Area of Interest

nutrition and modeling, and application of mathematical models in animal nutrition

top publication

1. Mottaghitalab, M., A. Faridi,H. Darmani-Kuhi, J. France, and H. Ahmadi. (2010). Predicting caloric and feed efficiency in turkeys using the group method of data handling -type neural networks. Poultry Science, 89: 1325-1331.
2. Darmani-Kuhi H., F. Rezaee, A. Faridi, M. Mottaghtalab, E. Kebreab, J. France, (2011). Application of the law of diminishing returns for partitioning metabolizable energy and crude protein intake between maintenance and growth in broiler breeder pullets. Journal of Agricultural Science, Cambridge. 149: 385 -394.
3 .Faridi A.,M. Mottaghitalab, F. Rezaee, and J. France.(2011). Narushin-Takma Models as Flexible Alternatives for Describing Economic Traits in Broiler Breeder Flocks. Poultry Science, 90: 507-515.
4. Faridi A.,and A. Golian. (2011). The Use of Neural Network Models to Estimate Early Egg Production in Broiler Breeder Hens through Dietary Nutrient Intake. Poultry Science.90: 2897-2903
5. Faridi A.,Mottaghitalab, M., H. Darmani-Kuhi, J. France, H. Ahmadi.(2011). Predicting Carcass Energy Content and Composition in Broilers Using the Group Method of Data Handling-Type Neural Networks. Journal of Agricultural Science, Cambridge. 149: 249-254.
6. Faridi A.,M. Mottaghitalab, and H. Ahmadi. (2012). Sensitivity analysis of an early egg production model in broiler breeders based on dietary nutrient intake. Journal of Agricultural Science, Cambridge. 150:87-93.
7. Faridi, A., A. Golian, and H. Ahmadi. (2012).Comparison of responses to dietary protein and lysine in broiler chicks reared before and after 2000 via neural network models.Journal of Agricultural Science, Cambridge, 150:775-786.
8. Faridi, A.,A. Golian., and J. France. (2012).Evaluating the egg production behavior of broiler breeder hens in response to dietary nutrient intake during 31 to 60 weeks of age through neural network models. Canadian Journal of Animal Science 92:473-481.
9. Faridi, A., N. K. Sakomura, A. Golian, and S. M. Marcato. (2012). Predicting Body and Carcass Characteristics of Two Broiler Chicken Strains Using Support Vector Regression and Neural Network Models.Poultry Science 91: 3286-3294.
10.Faridi, A.,J. France, and A. Golian. (2013). Predicting early egg weight in broiler breeders using neural network models. Journal of Applied Poultry Research 22:1-8.
11.Faridi, A.,A. Golian., J. France, and A. Heravi Mousavi. 2013. Study of broiler chicken responses to dietary protein and lysine using neural network and response surface models. British Poultry Science. 54:524-530.
12.Faridi, A.,A. Golian, M. Mottaghitalab, S. Lopez, J. France. (2013).Predicting the metabolizable energy content of corn for ducks: a comparison of support vector regression with other methods. Spanish Journal of Agricultural Res earch. 11:1036-1043.
13.Faridi, A.,A. Golian., M.Mottaghitalab,J. France, and S. Lopez (2013). Alternative growth functions for predicting body, carcass, and breast weight in ducks: Lomolino Equation and Extreme Value Function.Poultry Science,93:1031-1042.
14.Faridi, A.,A. Golian, J.France, and A. Heravi Mousavi (2014).Bootstrapped Neural Network Models for Analysing the Responses of Broiler Chicks to Dietary Protein and Branched Chain Amino Acids.Canadian Journal of Animal Science. 94:79-85.
15.Faridi, A.,A. Golian, J. France, and A. Heravi Mousavi. 2014.Evaluation of broiler chicks responses to protein, methionine and tryptophan using neural network models. J. Applied Animal Research. 42:327-332.
16.Faridi, A.,S. Lopez, H. Ammar, K. S. Salwa, A. Golian, J.H. M. Thornley, J.France. (2015). Some novel growth functions and their application with reference to growth in the ostrich. Journal of Animal Science(In press).
17.Faridi, A.,A. Gitoee, N.K. Sakomura, D.C.Z. Donato, C. Angelica Gonsalves, M. Feire Sarcinelli, M. Bernardino de Lima and J. France (2015). Broiler responses to digestible total sulphur amino acids at different ages: a neural network approach. Journal of Applied Animal Research (In press).
18.Faridi, A.,A. Gitoee, N.K. Sakomura, D.C.Z. Donato,and J. France (2015).Broiler responses to digestible threonine at different ages: a neural network approach. Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition(In press).
19.Faridi, A.,A. Gitoee and J. France (2015).A meta-analysis of the effects of onphytate phosphorus on broiler performance and tibia ash concentration. Poultry Science. 94:2753–2762.