Amina chentouf

76, Dr Benzerdjeb Street, Oran 31.000, Algeria


I completed my MD in Neurology (2006) at Oran University of Medicine. I am Head of Epilepsy Unit at Oran University Hospital in Algeria since 2014 ; and MD PhD in epilepsy genetics since April 2016.I amreviewer and editorialboardmember in manyjournals. I have many publications in international peer reviewed journals.


Area of Interest

1) genetics of epilepsy.
2) epidemiology of epilepsy.

top publication

Chentouf A. Epilepsy and Psychiatric Disorders: Is There a Common Genetic Susceptibility? J Epilepsy 2016, 2:2
Chentouf A, Dahdouh A, Ghomari S, Oubaiche ML, Chaouch M. Early predictors of refractory epilepsy in Oran, Algeria: a case-control study. Int J Neurol Brain Disord 2016. 3(2):1-5
Chentouf A, Talhi R, Dahdouh A, Benbihi L, Benilha S, Oubaiche ML, Chaouch M. Consanguinity and epilepsy in Oran, Algeria : a case-control study. Epilepsy Res 2015 ; 111 :10-7 [PubMed : 25769368]
Chentouf A, Dahdouh A, Guipponi M, Oubaiche ML, Chaouch M, Hamamy H, Antonarakis SE. Familial epilepsy in Algeria: Clinical features and inheritance profiles. Seizure 2015. Article in press.
Chentouf A, Gourine M, Benbihi L, Bouchetara MS, Oubaiche ML. Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva : a case report. Rev Neurol 2013 ; 169(11):916-7. [PubMed : 23485333]
Guipponi M, Chentouf A, Webling KE, Freimann K, Crespel A, Nobile C, Lemke JR, Hansen J, Dorn T, Lesca G, Ryvlin P, Hirsch E, Rudolf G, Rosenberg DS, Weber Y, Becker F, Helbig I, Muhle H, Salzmann A, Chaouch M, Oubaiche ML, Ziglio S, Gehrig C, Santoni F, Pizzato M, Langel Ü, Antonarakis SE. Galanin pathogenic mutations in temporal lobe epilepsy. Hum Mol Genet 2015 Jun 1;24(11):3082-91 [PubMed : 25691535]