Rulong Shen

Associate Professor


Dr. Rulong Shen has done his M.S. from Hood College, Frederick, MD and then received his M.D. Internal Medicine from Zhenjiang Medical College, China. He is involved in the assessment, diagnose and triage patients for all kinds of lesion and cancer. He has a long history of basic, clinical and translational cancer research with extensive experience in mouse models of animal carcinogenesis as well as biomarkers. Currently he is serving as an Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, United States.


Area of Interest

1. To use my basic research and surgical pathology experience to make correct diagnoses for specific entities of the disease/tumor and normal tissue categories.

2. Transfer the new concept in basic research into the clinic disease setting and apply the new molecular and cytogenetic finding into daily diagnosis and treatment of human disease/tumor.

top publication

1. Shuting Zhao, Zhaobin Xu, Hai Wang1, Ben Reese, Mingjun Zhang, Rulong Shen, Zhenguo Liu2, Noah Weisleder, and Xiaoming He: Biomimetic engineering of pluripotent stem cells for injectable delivery and augmented therapy of myocardial infarction (reference number: NM16020354), recently submitted to Nature Materials.
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4. Jin Sun, Rulong Shen, James Liu, Xueliang Pan, Donald Quimby, Nicola Zanesi, Teresa Druck, Louise Y. Fong, Kay Huebner: Reduction of induced skin tumor burden by zinc supplementation, Carcinogenesis submitted Jan-2016, co-first author, impactor factor: 5.334
5. Zaibo Li, Dena M. Tonkovich and Rulong Shen: Impact of touch imprint cytology on imaging-guided core needle biopsies: An experience from a large academic medical center laboratory. Diagn Cytopathol. 2015 Nov 23. doi: 10.1002/dc.23389. [Epub ahead of print]
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