Md. Mahbubur Rahman

Senior Researcher


Dr. Md. Mahbubur Rahman is a veterinarian and biomedical researcher who has been working with domestic, pet and experimental animal since 2001. He received his graduation on DVM and MSc (Veterinary Surgery) from Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh. He received his Ph.D. in veterinary medicine (2015) from Chonbuk National University, South Korea. He also worked as a postdoc researcher for about one year in Veterinary Pharmacology, Chonbuk National University, South Korea. Then worked 5 years 7 months as Senior Researcher (??) at KNOTUS CO., Ltd. Songdo, Incheon, South Korea. After working as a postdoctoral researcher for one year, currently working as Research Professor at Lee Gill Ya Diabetes and cancer research Institue, College of Medicine, Gachon University, Songdo, Incheon, South Korea. He is interested and very enthusiastic about scientific research and laboratory work with patience and insistence especially in neurology, neurobehavior, pain, exercise, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular, and age-related disease research.


Area of Interest

Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology, veterinary surgery, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Exercise Physiology, Food and nutrition.

top publication

1. Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Hyun Jung Jo, Chul-Kyu Park and Yong Ho Kim. Diosgenin Exerts Analgesic Effects by Antagonizing the Selective Inhibition of Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 1 in a Mouse Model of Neuropathic Pain. International Journal of Molecular Science. 2022, 23, 15854. 2. Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Sei-Jin Lee, Dong Kwon Yang, Md. RafiqulAlam, Shang-Jin Kim. An accidental fatal attack on domestic pigeons by honey bees in Bangladesh. The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science. 2015; 77(11): 1489–1493. 3. Gab-Chol Choi, Md. Mahbubur Rahman (equally contributed), Hwangmin Kim, Sehoon Kim, In-Seong Jeong. Management of sternal dislocation with and without surgery in cats: owner-assessed long-term follow-up of two clinical cases. The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science. 2018; 80(6):1001-1006. 4. In-Seong Jeong, Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Gab-Chol Choi, Beom-Seok Seo, Gi-Jong Lee, Sehoon Kim, Namsoo Kim. A retrospective study of canine cervical disk herniation and beneficial effects of rehabilitation therapy after ventral slot decompression. Veterinarni Medicina, 64, 2019 (06): 251–259. 5. In Seong Jeong, Zhenglin Piao, Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Sehoon Kim, Nam Soo Kim. Canine thoracolumbar intervertebral disk herniation and rehabilitation therapy after surgical decompression: A retrospective study. J Adv Vet Anim Res 2019; 6(3):394–402. 6. Beom Seok Seo, In Seong Jeong, Zhenglin Piao, Minju Kim, Sehoon Kim, Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Nam Soo Kim Kim NS. Measurement of the tibial plateau angle of normal small-breed dogs and the application of the tibial plateau angle in cranial cruciate ligament rupture. Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research.2020; 7(2):220–228. 7. Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Shang-Jin Kim. Effects of dietary Nigella sativa seed supplementation on broiler productive performance, oxidative status and qualitative characteristics of thighs meat. Italian Journal of Animal Science. 2016; 15 (2): 241–247.