Jinhui Chen

Associate Professor



Area of Interest

Neural stem cell, neurogenesis, Traumatic Brain Injury

top publication

1. Huashun Li*, Jinhui Chen*, Wei wu*, Tanya Fagaly, Lijuan Zhou, Wenlin Yuan, Sophie Dupuis, Zhihong Jiang, William Nash, Carrie Gick, David M. Ornitz, Jane Y. Wu, Yi Rao. (1999) Vertebrate Slit,a Secreted Ligand for the Transmembrance Protein Roundabout, is a Repellent for Olfactory Bulb Axons. Cell, 96: 807-818 *(equal contribution). PMID: 10102269
2. Wei Wu, Kit Wong, Jinhui Chen, Zhihong Jiang, Jane Y. Wu, Yi Rao. (1999) Directional Guidance of Neuronal Migration in theOlfactory System by the Secreted Protein Slit. Nature (article), 400: 331-336. PMID: 10432110
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