Ranganath Keri

Assistant Professor


Rangappa S. Keri is a Assistant Professor Jain University, Bangalore, India. He completed his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, Dharwad (2005–2009). He was awarded as Portuguese Foundation of Science & technology (FCT) Fellowship (2011-14), Brain Korea 21 (BK 21) Post doctoral fellowship (2010-11).


Area of Interest

 Development of novel multi-targeted drugs against anti-tubercular and anti-neurodegenerative drugs by synthetic approaches and natural plant extraction.
 Molecular Simulation/Molecular Docking.
 Development of metal, organo and metaloorgano-catalyzed enantioselective methods for the synthesis of heterocyclic scaffolds.
 Efficient synthesis of heterocycles using heterogeneous and nano catalyst.
 Application of green chemistry in organic synthesis.

top publication

1. Drug development of coumarin derivatives as potent antituberculosis agents. R.S.Keri, B.S.Sasihar,B.M.Nagaraju, M.A. Santos,(2015) Eur. J.Med. Chem 257-269.
2. New tacrine hybrids with natural based cysteine derivatives as multi-targeted drugs for potential treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. R.S. Keri, C. Quintanova, A. Esteves, S. M. Cardoso, M.A. Santos, (2015) Chem. Biol. Drug Design (In press) DOI: 10.1111/cb dd.12626.
3. Design, synthesis and bioevaluation of tacrine hybrids with cinnamate and cinnamylideneacetate derivatives as potential anti-Alzheimer drug C.Quintanova, R.S. Keri, S. M. Marques, A. Esteves, S. M.Cardoso, M.A. Santos, MedChemComm(In press)2015.
4. N-heterocyclic carbene metal complexes as bio-organometallic antimicrobial and anticancer drugs S. A Patil, S.A Patil, R.Patil, R.S Keri, S.Budagumpi,G. RBalakrishna & M. Tacke3 Future Med. Chem (2015) 7(10)1305–1333
5. Copper(II) complexes of Tacrine-SAC and Tacrine-SPRC hybrid derivatives as potential antineurodegenerative drugs C.Quintanova, R.S.Keri, M. A.Santos,Slivia chaves J. Inorg.Biochem.10.1016/j.jinorgbio.2015.06.008(In press)
6. Recent progress on pyrazole scaffold-Based antimycobacterial agents R. S Keri, Karma Chand, B.M.Nagaraju, M.A.Santos,T.Ramkrishnappa Arch.Pharm.Chem. Life Sci.299-314348 (5) 2015
7. Labelling of brassinosteroids by isotopes of hydrogen and carbon M. R Patil, R.S.Keri, RSC Adv.2015 39726–397455.
8. Triazole: A promising antituburcular agent R. S Keri,M. R Patil,S. A. Patil,S.Budagumpi, B.M.Nagaraju Chem. Biol.Drug Design (In press)doi:10.1111/cbdd.12527(2015)
9. Regioselective nitration of phenols and phenyl ethers using aluminium nitrate on silica as a nitrating system M. R. Patil,P. H. Mohite,S. Shisodia,R. S. Keri Lett. Org.Chem.129-135(2015)
10. A Comprehensive review in current developments of benzothiazole - based molecules in medicinal chemistry R. S. Keri,M. R Patil,S. A. Patil,S.Budagumpi Eur. J.Med. Chem. 207- 251(2015).