Sonyia Mc Fadden



Dr.Sonyia Mc Fadden qualified as a Diagnostic Radiographer. She worked as a radiographer in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast which is a large University teaching hospital and specialised into the area of Interventional Cardiology. Sonyia completed her MSc in 2000 investigating radiation exposure in adult interventional cardiology and was appointed as a Lecturer in Diagnostic Imaging in the University of Ulster at Jordanstown, Belfast in 2001. She was awarded her PhDin 2010 for her study on radiation dose optimisation in paediatric interventional cardiology. Sonyia is currently involved in teaching all years of the undergraduate radiography programme in the University of Ulster and continues to develop her research in the field of interventional cardiology, radiation dose and DNA damage. Her other areas of research interest include radiation protection in all aspects of medical imaging. Standardisation of clinical protocols and modifications to technique in Interventional Radiology/Cardiology. Infection control within the clinical department. The impact of CR and DR imaging, on image quality and radiation dose.


Area of Interest

2)Medical Imaging

top publication

1)S L McFadden, C M Hughes, R J Winder. Variation in radiographic protocols in paediatric interventional cardiology. Journal of Radiological Protection 03/2013; 33(2):313-319.

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