Mihalis Panagiotidis

Professor/ Director


Prof. Panagiotidis serves at the Editorial Board of a number of peer-reviewed journals whereas at the same time is an Active Member of the Education Quality Accreditation Commission and a Scientific Advisory Board Member for the International Institute of Anticancer Research. In the past, he has been a Marilyn Gentry Fellow of the American Institute for Cancer Research & World Cancer Research Fund as well as a recipient of a number of research awards including a Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant, a Marilyn Gentry Fellowship and a Nutricia Research Foundation International Training Fellowship.


Area of Interest

research on the molecular mechanisms underlying disease pathology and the role of nutrition in disease prevention. More specifically, the group is investigating into the role of deregulated apoptosis and epigenetic pathways as key molecular targets underlining the pathological basis of human disease including cancer. In addition, the group utilizes genomic approaches in an attempt to identify critical genes that act as potential biomarkers of therapeutic outcome. Furthermore, the group investigates how natural products exert a wide range of biological and pharmacological activities and thus are considered to be of great benefit in maintaining health and preventing disease development. 

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