Senior Scientist


Dr.Zeba Jaffer Abidi is working as Senior Scientist in Division of Fisheries Resources,Harvest& Post-harvest Management. Central Institute of Fisheries Education Seven Bungalows, Versova,Mumbai, India, Zeba completed Post-Doctoral fellow in Dept .of Ocean Development at CIFE Mumbai (January 1986 -September1988}: Hydro-biological studies of Thana and Bassein Creek of Bombay with special reference to Highest Degree pollution and fisheries.Zeba has Good number of Publications.


Area of Interest

1)Fresh water
3)Marine waters

top publication

1)Tilak Raj, Jaffer, Z and Jain, S. (1988) Studies on the pectoral and pelvic girdle of Salmostoma and Chela (Subfam, Cultrinae, Cyprinidae) in relation to taxonomy, Zool, Anz. Jena East Germany 2114 (1988) 1/2:203-208.

2)Jaffer, Z and Raj, Tilak (1991): Studies on the pelvic girdle of a few Indian representatives of the subfamilies Rasborinae (Cyprinidae) - Adaptation and taxonomy in relation to phylogeny-World Fisheries Congress, American Fisheries, Society- ethesdon MD USA pl-29+p15.

3)Tilak, R, ZebaJaffer and A.Hussain (1984): Systematic status of Bariliusbendelisis H a m i l t o n (Cyprinidae: Pisces) Rec. Zool, Surv., India 81(3+4): 279-290.

4)Jaffer, Z and Selvakumar, A (1988), Hydrographic study and fish catch composition off Bombay to Ratnagiri coast. J. Ind. Fish, Assoc. (Vol. 18; 499-510).

5)Tilak, R and Ja ff er, Z (1991): On secondary sexual di ff erences in the pectoral girdle of Bariliusbendelises Hamilton (Cyprindaepisces) Indian, J. Forest 5(2): 149-157. Sherry, P.M. and Zeba Jaffer Abidi (2002): Erythrocytic and leucocyticresponses Science Congress,Lucknow Abs. No. 171.

6)Sherry, P.M. and Zeba Ja ffer Abidi (2000); Biochemical alterations in liver and intestine of common murrel fish Channa punctatus after lead exposure. Fish Health Management and Sustainable Aquaculture G.B. Pant nagar University Vol. iiiI, Pp 1-6.

7)Khan, H.A. and Zeba Jaffer Abidi (1998): Allozymic and Cytological investigations in threatened cyprinid fishes, a review Mountain meet 1998, international symposium on Environmental Management in Mountainous regions Pp. 20-23.

8)Abidi, Z.J. and H.A. Khan (1994): Role of protein sparing nutrients and protein substitutes in feed formulation for Culturable carps and overview. J. Ind. Fish Assoc.Vol.22 .Pp-64-78.

9)Khan, H.A. and ZebaJafferAbidi (1994): Indian trout Raimas bola (Ham) an endangered species needs protection. Netcom publication 5:176-179.

10)Abidi, Zeba Ja ff er (1991): Use of Dermosphenotic bone in the systematics of subfamilies Rasborinae and Cultrinae (family cyprinidae) Abstract Proc. in 79th India Science Congress; Baroda.

11)Khan, H.A. and Z.J. Abidi (1994): Nutritional requirements of culturable carps-a review-Fishing chimes. Pp 11-20.

12)Khan, H.A., M. Shahid Siddiqui and Z.J. Abidi (1994): Study of phenomenon of growth compensation in Indian Cyprinids from different environments.Ind. Fish.Assoc.Vol. 24,Pp.13-15.

16)A b i d i , Z e b a J a ff e r a n d H . A . K h a n ( 1 9 9 1 ) : M a t s y a Pa l a n M e i n Ph e r o m o n e s k a Mahatva. Proceeding AkhilBhartiya Hindi seminar held at CIFE, Mumbai 18-19th Dec. 1991,Pp. 33-42.

17)Khan, H.A. and Z.J. Abidi and P.M. Sherry (1994): A Socio-economic survey of Fishermen Communities engaged in Fish trade in and around Lucknow Aquacrops. Pp. 125

18)Sherry. P.M. and Zeba Jaffer Abidi (2000): Bhari Dhatu Seesa (lead) Channa punctatus keyakrat Evam Aant Mein Jav-Rasainik Parivartan-Ek Adhyan/Matsya Evum Parivesh National seminar CIFE, Mumbai.

19)Jaffer, Z and R. Tewari 91987): Jheenga Samvardhan Ek NaiAsha, Yojana New Delhi, Jan. Pp. 30-21.

20)Jaffer, Z (1987) : Gramin Vikas Mein, Machli Palanka yogdan, Yojana, (1987) July 16-31, Pp. 27-29.