Poonam Sonawane


Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Lubbock, TX August 2008-December 2013 Ph.D. Pharmacology and Neuroscience, GPA 3.87/4

Maharashtra Institute of Pharmacy, Pune University, India July 2003-May 2007 Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, GPA 4/4


Area of Interest

Medicine and Biology
 Pharmacology and Neuroscience
Mycobacterial Diseases

Cancer Research
Biomedical Sciences


top publication

1. Sonawane P, Choi YA, Pandya H, Herpai DM, Fokt I, Priebe W, Debinski W. Novel Molecular Multilevel Targeted
Antitumor Agents. . Cancer Transl Med. 2017 May-Jun; 3(3): 69–79.

2. Sonawane P, Cho HE, Tagde A, Verlekar D, Yu AL, Reynolds CP, Kang MH, Alice L Yu, C Patrick Reynolds, and
Min H Kang. Metabolic characteristics of 13-cRA and anti-tumor activity of the 13-cis retinoic acid metabolite 4-oxo-13-
cis retinoic acid in neuroblastoma. British Journal of Pharmacology 2014 Dec;171(23):5330-44.

3. Hwangeui Cho, Poonam Sonawane, Arlene Naranjo, Collin Van Ryn, Shengping Yang, Judith G. Villablanca, Alice L.
Yu, Julie R. Park, Susan Kreissman, C. Patrick Reynolds, Min H. Kang. Low plasma levels of 13-cis-retinoic acid
(isotretinoin) and its active metabolite 4-oxo-13-cis-retinoic acid are associated with lower overall survival of high-risk
neuroblastoma patients. (Submitted to Children’s oncology group publications manuscript id: 11040).

4. P. Sonawane, D. Herpai, S. Ferluga, S. B. Tatter, W. Debinski. A single pharmaceutic agent for molecular resection of
Glioblastoma. Neuro-Oncology, Volume 19, Issue suppl_3, 1 May 2017, https://doi.org/10.1093/neuonc/nox036.203

5. Poonam Sonawane, Patrick Diviney, Joanna J. Phillips, Payal Jain, Phillip B Storm, Adam C Resnick, Angela J
Waanders. Functional characterization and effective targeting of NRF1-BRAF and ATG7-RAF1 fusions identified in
anaplastic pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma patients without BRAF p.V600E mutation. Neuro-Oncology, Volume 20,
Issue suppl_2, 22 June 2018, Pages i116, https://doi.org/10.1093/neuonc/noy059.397

5.  Sonawane P, Ferluga S, Gibo D, Debinski W. Single Agent Targeting of Eph Receptors A2, A3, B2 and Interleukin13
Receptor Alpha 2 in Glioblastoma. Society of Neurooncology 2015 Volume 17, Issue suppl_5, 1 November 2015.

6) Poonam Sonawane, Hardeep Singh, C Patrick Reynolds, and Min H. Kang. Defining the metabolic pathways of 13-cis
retinoic acid. American Association for Cancer Research; Volume 73, Issue 8, Supplement 1, Abstract no. 4552.

7. Poonam Sonawane, Hardeep Singh, C Patrick Reynolds, and Min H. Kang. 4-oxo-13-cis retinoic acid, a 13-cis retinoic
acid metabolite, is an active metabolite against neuroblastoma cell lines. The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of
Texas, 2012, Abstract no. 184.

8. Poonam Sonawane, Hardeep Singh, C Patrick Reynolds, and Min H. Kang. Levels of glutathione metabolizing enzyme
determine combination activity of melphalan and buthionine sulfoximine in neuroblastoma cell lines. Annual Cancer
Symposium 2011, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Amarillo TX.